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Sep 23, 2016

Fall Bomber Jackets
Fall Bomber Jackets with Patches
Bomber Jackets for Fall
Mom Style- Bomber Jackets
Fall Trend- Bomber Jackets
Mom Style: Bomber Jackets
bomber jacket // shorts: DIY (old) // shoes // sunglasses

The only time you can wear a bomber jacket in Georgia right now is anytime before 9 am. After that it is like a sweat suit. But with some cooler mornings, we seem to have a reason to get up and out. A huge bonus is, we beat the crowds to anywhere and everywhere we go. Which is much appreciated when you are running after four small people, who's sole purpose in life is to run. The girls and boys seem to split off immediately in our group. The boys weave in and out, jumping over cracks in the pavement. The girls run, but it is almost a running in place kind of movement. The don't go anywhere fast. Their giddy little squeals can be heard around the corner, as they trot right along. I like to take on that duo, as opposed to the sprinting that goes on in front of us. 

It truly is controlled chaos. Chris and I know the drill, but I can only imagine what it looks like to people that pass by. They probably think...those kids need a leash! Or maybe those parents do. 

Either way, I love all the stages that the kids are in right now. There is a little bit of independence sprinkled with the raw defiance. It is quite the volcanic eruption. But from the little things they say, to the way I see their sarcasm evolve (which I mean, doing a mom proud right there), to the different things they like about school. Ace loves math, Pierce simply wants to trace his name 300 times, and Avalon likes to make up songs to every little thing. 

I am excited to explore a new season with these guys too. We are so used to the blink of an eye kind of fall in Alaska, and then straight up winter. I cannot wait to do Halloween without snow pants. You know, when you show up to the door and no one says "oh, what are you?". You can see the costume! 

It's the little things that I am making note of lately. Or trying to make note of, because we all know I can marinate in the craziness of the day like a real fun sponge! 

Well, happy Friday folks. I hope you all have a great weekend. 


  1. Oh love it! I am not sure how I feel about school but I personally feel like the week feels long which I like because normally life is too fast! Like your boys sprinting off ahead!



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