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Sep 22, 2016

Every mom thinks her kids are SO funny. I mean that is the job of a mom right? To just think the world of her kids. Well, throw me into that category. Which is why I will go ahead and bombard you with conversations with my children. 

Posts like these always make me excited for the future with these guys. My house growing up was constant chaos with five kids. Five incredibly sarcastic, dry humored, opinionated, outspoken kids. There was always a debate going on. It usually started off innocent, then got incredibly heated, and then someone would make fun of someone in the room, and all was well. I have a feeling that is what we are in for with my offspring, and I am damn excited and also nervous for my sanity. 
The kids are all playing in the playroom while I make dinner:

Ace- Okay, lets play. Pierce you're the dad that yells. Avalon you are the mom that is so weird. And I will be Ace, the son who is complicated and doesn't even have a girlfriend yet. 
Me- In the kitchen like WTF?

Ace getting mad when I told him his time was up with the video games:

Ace: UGH! There are angry little people in my mind right now!
Me: Thinking he has really lost it this time. What!? There are people in your mind?
Ace: Yes! Like that movie with the little people in the girls mind!
Me: What? What movie?
Ace: THAT MOVIE! Ugh! The angry one is definitely in my mind right this second. 
Me: Ohhh, the movie Inside Out!

After I got home from a little solo shopping:

Avalon: Oh, what did you get me mom?
Me: Some clothes and shoes. 
Avalon: Yay! Where did you get it from?
Me: Old Navy.
Avalon: OLD LADY!! I love old ladies!

After school debate with Ace:

Ace: Mom. Back in the 80's when the dinosaurs lived, did your mom let you play video games before you did your homework?
Me: ________
Ace: Wait. Did you even have video games then? You didn't right, no TV's? 

Me, visibly frustrated in the kitchen:

Pierce: What are you doing mom?
Me: Trying to get something out of the pencil sharpener. 
Pierce: Oh like what, a tranquilizer dart?
Me: hmmmm.....not quiet. 

Random conversation at dinner:

Pierce: So Mom. 
Me: Yes?
Pierce: Have you ever watched Barbie's Dream house?
Me: Umm, I don't think I have. 
Pierce: Oh you should totally watch it! We could make this house like the Barbie Dream house. All we need is a waffle maker, do you have one of those? Some cupcakes. A jet. Oh, and you have to paint your car red. 
Me: Wow! I need all this to have a dream house like Barbie?
Pierce: Well, Dad also needs some big tools like Ken. WAIT KEN! You have to be married to Ken. What are we going to do with Dad?
Me: I think I am going to keep Dad if that's okay. He can be like the dark haired version of Ken. 
Pierce: Fine. 
Me: Anything else?
Pierce: Nope. I mean Barbie did go to the moon though, and you haven't. 
Me: Yea, Barbie has done it all. 
Pierce: Well, you change your shoes a lot like Barbie so it's okay. 
Me: Thanks Pierce. 

Another random dinner conversation:

Ace: I don't think I ever want kids.
Chris: Okay.
Me: What? Where did that come from?
Ace: Just thinking about it.
Pierce: Well I want kids.
Me: What are we even talking about?
Chris: Oh you do Pierce? What would you name your kids?
Ace: Oh I know what I would name my kids.
Me: I thought you weren't having kids?
Ace: I'm not. But I would name them, Nancy and John. 
Pierce: I would name mine, Jessie and ummm.....Mikey like the Ninja Turtle. 
Chris: What about you Avalon?
Avalon: I would name them, Poop and Princess. 

I'll leave you with that for today!


  1. Haha the video game conversation is too funny!

  2. Lol oh I love these posts! And your kids are actually hysterical!!

  3. Poop and we're talking! I hope they're twins!

  4. OMFG! That last line from Avalon! Sounds like the convos at my house!



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