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Sep 25, 2016

Velvet Tops For Fall
Velvet Tops For Fall
Fall Hair Inspiration
Leopard Loafers
Velvet Tops For Fall
Velvet Tops For Fall
velvet top: zara (recent purchase, similar) // jeans: zara (super similar
headband: anthropologie // shoes: zara (old, lusting over these leopard flats)

The weekend giveth and the weekend taketh away! 

As weekends go around here lately, it was low key. Avalon and I had a girls day planned for Saturday, which we thought would be a bust because Chris came home on Friday with a paper that is due today. But he is the true MVP of the weekend because he said he would just stay up late and work on so we could go. All week Avalon was asking to go to the book store to buy "pink" books. The girl cannot get enough pink in her life. By default the bulk of our books are geared towards the boys interests. I know I know, shame on us. But they were kind of here first, and hand me downs are abundant. And Avalon has many books that are strictly pink, so I didn't know how many more we would find. 

Have you ever heard of a child that picks her literature based on the books color? I have tried the age old, don't judge a book by its cover. Fail. 

So we went on a mission for pink books. And we found a few to her specifications. Then she found her way to Toys R Us where she needed to add a horse or two to her collection. Any child of mine that is even remotely interested in horses just gets them. Don't get me started on my plans of when we are done with the military life and I can get some horses back in mine! It is an elaborate plan with barn drawings and much more. 

I digress. 

Yesterday we found ourselves at the botanical gardens, which was nice. Hot, very hot, but nice. I thought why not pull out this velvet top for a 96 degree day? Why not? I am loving the velvet trend. I have always liked velvet, and it has been a fabric that I just gravitate towards because it looks so luxe and beautiful. And now with every store and their mom carrying pieces, I can't stop. So let me apologize in advance if you see an increase in velvet items. I am sure this phase will pass. 

Or not. 


  1. You are an absolute vision in this outfit! I love your hair -- it's like one of the Brady girls meets fashion week and I LOVE IT!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love that velvet will be everywhere for fall :)

  3. You're not one to let the weather dictate your fashion choices for sure! Just like Avalon won't let the content affect her book choice!



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