Sep 5, 2016

Five years ago today I was in labor, on Labor Day. How fitting. I was nervous, excited, anxious, and a little sad that Chris wasn't there. But I should have known that labor and delivery with Pierce was just a little window into my life with him. The quick labor and even faster delivery was non-stop laughs from beginning to end. The fact that Chris was standing in the rain in Georgia cracking jokes on speaker phone. The on-call doctor and nurses had me crying laughing in between contractions. My mom was in the delivery room asking for oxygen because she thought she was going to have a panic attack. But, the sweetest little boy was born on that day. Pierce. 

Pierce and I have an oddly special connection. I fully attribute that to me being the only person he saw for his first ten weeks of life (besides Ace, but I can only imagine that was all a blur because he was constantly running circles around him). We went through that crazy transition of life clinging to each other. 

And now, on his fifth birthday I can still convince him to let me hold him like a baby. Damn it, I'll start doing some arm workouts just to ensure I can keep doing that for as long as possible. 

So today, we celebrate you Pierce. We celebrate your contagious love for life. Your sense of adventure, and no fear approach to anything and everything (which often leads us to the ER). Your extraordinary ability to make anyone you come in contact with laugh. You're a charmer, a lover, and a fighter. You live in your own little world of fun, and I couldn't be happier that I have a VIP ticket in. 

We love you. I love you. And the only way to describe that love is in your own words as you kissed my forehead, grabbed my face, and looked at me with those big blue eyes before saying goodnight "I love you. I love you like Han Solo loves Chewie". 

Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday, Pierce!! I hope you have an amazing birthday!! :)

  2. Wahhhwerrrrrrwahhhhhhhh - <--- that's happy birthday in my best chewy voice!

  3. Oh what a special little boy! Like Han loves Chewie! I love it! Happiest of birthdays to him!!



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