how i get that salon blowout look at home!

Sep 19, 2016

Oh the luxury of a salon blowout. Sitting in that chair half awake as someone else gets your hair looking presentable. Such a wonderful feeling! But, salon blowouts aren't exactly on my list of priorities. I have heard of these unicorn like people, I think they are called babysitters. Yea, I have yet to reach that level of comfort in parenting, so I resort to figuring out things on my own. That includes getting that look alike salon blowout style. Allow me to walk you through my process. 
Salon Blowout at Home
As with everything that I do at home, it has to be quick yet effective. A double bonus, if I can multitask while doing it, which this method fits the bill. 
Salon Blowout at Home
If I want to style my hair like this, I skip my nightly shower and just get up a little earlier in the morning. After I get my hair so fresh and so clean clean, I towel dry it when I get out. Then I usually do my makeup and let it air dry a little bit before I put any product in it. Then I add a little styling cream. I really liking the Living Proof Styling Cream right now, and I just apply it from about the middle on my hair on down. 

Then I blow dry my whole head. No brushes, or styling goes on here. I just get my hair dry. 
Salon Blowout at Home
Then I put out the heavy hitters, my velcro rollers! Yes, I am a loyal fan of the mega velcro rollers. I have been using them for years! 

So first, I grab large sections of my hair and spray at my roots with a root lifter. I like this one. I spray the front and back, and then put my velcro roller in.
Salon Blowout at Home
Depending on the length of your hair, you can use a different size roller. But I have a lot of hair, and it is getting rather long. So the big ones work great for me. 

So I just secure it into place with these clips I got off Amazon. They don't leave a crease in my hair, and they can hold all the rollers in place while I do other things. 
Salon Blowout at Home
I use six of the large velcro rollers. 

Then I just let them set for about 20 minutes. By this time I am usually getting ready to get the kids up, so I go downstairs. Make lunches, get breakfast ready and at the table. Then go do my wake up rounds. While the kids are all eating, I will run up and take the rollers out. 
Salon Blowout at Home
I usually don't brush or really touch my hair at this point. I just let it fall where it wants and spray it with some humidity shield.

You could always add some curls, or tease your hair if you need. But I always feel like I have some natural volume going on after this process. Just like if I left the salon and someone took the time to round brush little sections of my hair. 

It really couldn't be easier, but it looks like you put some effort into it. 


  1. This is a great tutorial!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well whatever you are doing it's working! These ain't your grandma's rollers!!



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