lace and mom jeans

Sep 8, 2016

Off the shoulder trend
Lace off the shoulder and mom jeans
Lace off the shoulder top-Nordstrom
How to style mom jeans
off the shoulder top: nordstrom // jeans: asos // sunglasses: ray-ban// shoes: skechers c/o

I wore this top on snapchat over the weekend and got some requests to see the whole outfit, so I called my photographer to set up a spontaneous shoot. You should also read that as, I yelled across the house to Chris and said, "yo! would you be a real gem of a human and take a picture of my outfit, please?" And then we took these in the backyard, because we are super classy like that. Hashtag blogger goals my friends. 

But these are two of my favorite purchases lately. This top is just so damn cute. The lace overlay obviously is the talking point here. And these jeans are mom jeans. As in the reason I am laughing in the above picture is because Chris said "are those jeans new? or did you steal them from your mom's closet?" --mom if you read this he meant no harm by that. He loves you. 

And I love these jeans. I went back and forth on them for a little bit because I was really unsure of the fit. I am on the shorter side, with some curves, so I didn't know if I would look frumpy. Trick is to tuck in any and all shirts. I know, we are dialing back the age of fashion here, but it all works. Or at least I like it. 

Enough about the outfit, how excited are we that the weekend is so close? That is the best part about me walking around not knowing what day it was the whole week. Now I just have to make it to tomorrow. Our dishwasher broke the other day, something about a computer malfunction? Who knows. But I have done sixty too many dishes by hand, and I am done. So thank goodness for the repair guy coming today. Also, one of my nightmares came to fruition yesterday when my dogs got out of the yard thank you Chris and I had to track them down. Thank goodness they were just next door, but my neighbor was terrified of my large dogs, and the fact that Caspian is completely unapproachable when I am around. He has been trained to protect me and the kids, and he takes his job very seriously. I brought my neighbor a peace offering. Caspian would never do anything unless given a command, but his bark is pretty intense. My neighbor forgave my wild animals, and said he feels safer living next door. Glad my traveling circus could be of service. 

My house is also still a disaster from the weekend. I am feeling pretty tired this week and kind of keep finding excuses not to clean the playroom. But I put away laundry and finally picked up my dry cleaning, so we will just end on the positive! 

Hope your week is going well! 


  1. Good boy Caspian! Bill has a penchant for digging and the day he dug his way out of our fence and I realized he was missing still haunts me. Your dogs would always come back...they have it too good! I've seen that homemade dog food 😂

  2. I don't know how I'm going to survive a five day week to be honest! All I do is drive and pick up and pack lunches and snacks and get out clothes. Is it summer yet!?!!!

  3. LOVE me some lace and denim!
    Dishes by hand is the WORST. Who am I kidding... dishes PERIOD are the worst!

  4. Okay I love this whole post and that outfit. I am on the shorter side and love the whole mom jean look too. It's actually so comfy! That lace top is gorgeous I love those sandals too!



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