military forts & bbq

Sep 7, 2016

In the never-ending celebration that was Pierce's birthday, he chose the weekends next adventure. Some barbecue, and some historic military fort exploration. I can't say that any of us were opposed to it, especially Chris. I was all about the food part, so I pretty much would have done anything as long as it ended with some of my favorite bbq!

Hands down the best place to find good old southern barbecue in the Columbus, GA region, is in Fort Mitchell. Which actually happens to be in Alabama, but is is right on the state line so they go off east coast time anyway. Well, their food is the best not to mention their sweet tea is on a whole other level. We were all happy about Pierce's selection.
Fort Mitchell Historic Site
We made sure to get there right when they opened because, heat my friends. But it ended up being such a nice day! I am talking random cool breezes, warmth on your face but not like a sauna, prime exploring weather. 
Odette wasn't too into it all, so her nap came at a perfect time for Chris to get an arm workout in. The rest of us walked hands free from place to place. The Fort Mitchell historic site played a role in the Creek War, and then a small part in the Civil War (see Chris, I did read the brochure). All the little attractions were reconstructed, and so fun to see. The kids were very vocal about how they wanted to play, and who needed to do what inside the fort. It was SO cute! They definitely have Chris' interest in history. I might have been thinking about the smoked turkey I was about to smother in sauce. Might. 
There weren't too many people walking around here. The ones that we did run into were slightly annoyed that they had a sleeping baby in their stroller, and my kids were in full on battle reenactment mode, with back-up being called in. Tactical plans being shouted, and the animated sounds of weapons going off. I saw the visible annoyance on these peoples faces and looked over to Chris and said " parents with sleeping baby ten o'clock" he looked over at them as they were giving us the dirtiest look and he yelled to the boys "FIRE THE CANNONS!". I about fell on the ground laughing. 

I'm sorry, we truly are respectful people. I promise. But when you are outside with ample amounts of wide open space, how can you even be annoyed? And why are you following so close to a family of six, with the majority of the humans having the attention span of a gnat?
Fort Mitchell Historic Site
So, we carried on with our tour. It was so fun, and so interesting to see. The small cemetery was incredible to walk around and read the names of the people, and the part they played in history. Chris was loving it. Pierce couldn't really get passed the whole people are buried here thing, he kept saying, "well where are they? Let's get them out!". No thank you small child. 
In the end we were all ready to refuel. Ace has taken a large interest in photography lately, and I let him walk around and take his own pictures. He told us to get together, and he snapped this little gem. 

Thank you instagram son. 


  1. Instagram son! Go kid! I'm not sure if I've heard of a more "southern" thing. Sweet tea and barbecue and old wagons and cemeteries. But you know I'd be there too if I was local so.... And yeah uhm if you don't want to get hot leave the kitchen people! Especially if your baby is asleep! I can't stand when people do that!!!

  2. This looks like such a neat place to explore! Your pics are wonderful!

  3. That's a total framer at the end! I spit out my coffee at FIRE THE CANNONS lol

  4. That picture at the end is the best!! Such a cool place.



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