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Sep 9, 2016

Every new mom has been there, you find out you're pregnant and the second you can pick up your head without feeling like you are on a roller coaster, you hit up the online shopping. Just adding things to your cart, your registry, your wish lists, your list to Santa....just finding products and adding them somewhere. It never fails that with your first child you register for everything. The crib your mother suggested. The car seat your brother's girlfriend's sister has. The bottles that your best friend who is on baby number three told you about. You just get it all. And then you use about half of it, not even. You tell yourself that you will save it if you have another baby. Maybe you give some stuff away, sell it, or donate it. But eventually you find the things you like. The brands you like, and that is what you stick with. 
Skip Hop- Moms
Skip Hop is one of those brands for me. My mom got me a couple Skip Hop items when I had Ace, and they quickly became our favorites. Ace's nursery theme was the jungle, he had tree branches in his room, and monkeys on the wall, coordinating accessories, the works. (None of my other children got that kind of over the top decorating...second, third, and fourth kid problems). I think a huge reason we went all out on that first room was, we lived close to family and everyone wanted to pitch in. From painting the room, to putting the crib together, hanging pictures on the wall, every weekend there was someone in my house ready and willing to decorate.

One of the things we had was the jungle activity gym. It lasted all the way through Avalon. Ace also had the little money backpack that he used to carry around everywhere at 18 months old. I also posted about the head supports that we bought for our road trip for all the kids, that were a life saver!! Safe to say I love Skip Hop products!

I kind of wish I had this bathtub that Lauren posted about, when we were in the baby stages. All the fun little gadgets, and I like that it sits up high as well. Also loving the new line up of diaper bag designs posted about here. I am no longer in need of a full on diaper bag, but if you are, check those out!

I am all about finding, and sharing brands that I like. Veteran moms are basically the best resource when it comes to the good, the bad, and the leaky. So, what are some of yours? 

And how could I forget? It's the freakin weekend (you know after school pick up) so have a good one!!

This post was written in partnership with, but you know me, all opinions are mine. Stay at home moms honor!


  1. Here's to the freaking weekend! Such great products too! If only we could go back and save ourselves all that time and money on things we never used!!



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