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Sep 18, 2016

Olive Utility Pieces for Fall
Monochromatic outfits for fall
Olive outfits for fall
Monochromatic outfits
Olive tones for fall
utility shirt: banana republic (old, love this one and this tunic) // pants: j.crew (last season, similar)
shoes: steven madden // sunglasses: perverse // bag: tory bunch

You know how you have some weekends that make you feel like, okay, I'm ready for the week. That was this weekend. At least for me. We didn't have too many plans, so I was able to get stuff done around the house that I have been putting off. Before we moved from Alaska I felt like I went through every room and got rid of so much stuff. But, our garage is still filled with SO much more. Most of it is baby stuff, since all the kid's rooms have been transformed into "big kid" rooms. This house is double the size of our old house, so I feel like everything really fits. But anything that I haven't already put in the house I just want to get rid of before we move yet again. We aren't really that close to being out of the woods as far as kids destroying furniture goes, so I am not yet ready to invest in anything nicer. My dining room table is a great testament to that now with all the fork marks and scratches in it. But, I do feel like we are inching our way there. So slowly but surely I am weeding things out. 

Basically, that was my only goal for the weekend. And once I get into the cleaning and organizing mode, I can't stop. My closet got a little face lift as well. I am all for spring cleaning, but fall cleaning is a thing for me too. I like to have an idea of what I have, and then I overhaul my wishlist of things that fill in the gaps. 

One thing I love for fall is olive tones. And anything monochromatic is where I feel comfortable. Not to mention, the color is quite kid friendly and dog friendly. Which is now a thing in my life. Will I be able to make it out of the house in an outfit without one of my large animals getting me dirty? 

It's a roll of the dice my friends. 


  1. You got rid of baby things? That hurt me when I got rid of ours. Like I irrationally watched our high hair be put in the trash truck. It's the end of an era!!!

  2. I love all olive everything. As I type this, I'm wearing olive colored fitness pants. I know, you're shocked. Also, your hair looks so long!

  3. I was definitely ready for the week as well! As much as I have loved having Kyle home i'm ready for routine.

  4. LOVE fall cleaning, too! It just feels nice to have everything in order before you're trapped inside for several months lol



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