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Sep 16, 2016

J Crew Ruffle Top
Ruffle top and flares
Ruffle tops for fall
All the ruffle tops for fall
How to style flares
Ruffle tops and flare jeans
ruffle top: j crew // flares: nordstrom // sunglasses: ray-ban // clutch: louis vuitton 

Friday, oh Friday, I love ya, oh Friday, you're no longer!!!!! 

What a long week! I am never one to wish time away, but I just cannot wait for my alarm to NOT go off tomorrow morning. Chris' alarm will go off at an ungodly hour because he is an overachiever in life and will get up well before the sun, he will go for a run in the cool humidity and fog. He will come home and make a cup of coffee and a smoothie, and read some news on his phone, or look at his stocks. Then he will get ready to go to the gym. And you know what I will be doing? SLEEPING!!!!! I will hear all the hustle and bustle downstairs because I am a light sleeper. But I will not get up. I will stay my ass in bed with Caspian and Shameless and I will wait till about 7 and then roll out. 

The dogs will most likely trip me going down the stairs, and I will make it to my coffee station. My kids will still be sleeping because they value every non waking minute. I have to say I really love that about them. 

Avalon will trickle down. Then Ace. It will be a race to the end between Pierce and Odette. 

By the time they are all up, Chris should be home. He will still have more energy then I possess in my pinky toe, and we will all get ready to head out for the day. To do what? It is still undecided. 

I'll figure out something to wear, that will probably be incredibly overdressed for the occasion. Because that is just my nature. 

So really, all we have to do is get to the pick up line this afternoon and get this party started! 

I'm excited! What are you plans for the weekend? 


  1. This outfit might be my new favorite!

  2. Chris sounds so much like Kyle! He being on paternity leave he is up early to get his workouts in.

  3. I have been singing a song all day that Letty was taught in preschool: it's Friday, it's Friday woohoo!!!! Literally woke Letty up with that this morning. Oh and alarms!?!?! I literally had dreams the other night where my alarm wouldn't stop going off. It woke me up about a hundred times. Needless to say I hated my life that night. Hope it's a great one for you guys!!!

  4. Nothing better than snugglin' in bed with a pup!



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