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Sep 15, 2016

I know it's not Friday, nor the weekend, which is when these kinds of posts are typically posted right? Like a recap of the week in a sense. Well, I'd like to recap on today. For no particular reason. 

We have had a break from swim lessons and reading groups this week, which has been SO nice. Everything is just so hectic on those after school days. I feel like I can't even function between getting people changed, snacks, corralling them from parking lot to building. So this week I have welcomed the at home after school craziness. The throwing of backpacks, and shoes, and clothing. My children hate to be clothed in doors. The second the boys walk in the house they strip down. They get if from their father I can assure you. 

My dishwasher is still not fixed. But I have been using the *bang* it into working method, which is quite a sight to see. My poor children. As if they didn't think I was already out of my mind (and trust me they do think that) now they see me screaming and banging on the dishwasher. I just want clean dishes! Is that too much to ask? Well, it is if you are lazy like me. 

Also, have I told you how much joy it brings me to only have one child in diapers? This hasn't happened since Ace was a single child. Avalon went from 0-60 with the potty training, which was a true blessing after the boys. And then of course I go and get a puppy. Not just a puppy, but a miniature horse (Great Dane). I might as well have bought a horse though because cleaning up the backyard transports me right back to mucking stalls. I won't go into gross details, but the size of his droppings (???) that kind of reminds me of Jurassic Park, dino droppings. Anyway....the size at four months is scary. What is going to happen when he is eating 10 cups a day? Do I invest in a crane? 

Oh, Ace ever so politely asked me to stop cutting his food into little bites in his lunch this week. I died inside. He said "mom no one else has their grapes cut in half". I said, well maybe they want to choke! Death threat parenting is my go-to. But really, I am so afraid of choking. Not just for me, but my kids. Have you seen kids at lunch time? Chris and I have both gone and had lunch with Ace, and these kids don't stop moving! God bless teachers. I couldn't do it. The patience they possess is like no other. I was anxious just to get out of the lunch room. I was getting motion sickness. So yesterday I cut his strawberries in half instead of fourths. #yolo

Let's move on to the internet. 

I absolutely love this post from Jennifer. I met her in Alaska, and she is seriously one of my favs. Simply because she gets it. Even living in Alaska where fashion is just not a thing, you love what you love and no snowstorm should stifle that! Plus, she has a house full of the most amazing vintage finds!

Grace always speaks my language, so she reeled me in with some drugstore finds.

J Crew is now being sold at Nordstrom, which is kind of fantastic. I mean J Crew has a promo code going on all the time, but Nordstrom has that free shipping on lock. This top will be on the blog tomorrow. And I have my eye on this leopard print shift dress.

Also, my friend Kait has a super yummy trail mix recipe that I'm pretty sure my kids would go nuts over. I am always on the lookout for new lunch box ideas, or after school snacks. I feel like I get in a rut, not that my kids complain.

I think that is it. How has your week been so far?


  1. "Well maybe they want to choke!" I died 109 hilarious deaths reading that. Also, I have mixed feelings on JCrew at Nordstrom. Why? I'm not really sure. I'm having flashbacks at Lilly Pulitzer for Target. That said, I also have my eye on that dress...and the bearskin rug at Costco ;) thanks for the shoutout!

  2. I really hope your dishwasher gets fixed soon! That is frustrating.

  3. Cut up everything and then some is my motto!!! And I too thought of dino droppings haha!!

  4. OMG Kelsey.. choking is MY BIGGEST FEAR EVER!!! Seriously, Tori eats so fast (like Mom) and if her or Ava so much as cough or get a watery eye while eating I am all but pounding them. Dan jokes they must think coughing while eating is something you get punished for. Grapes, strawberries, hot dogs, whatever-its getting cut.

    1. YES!!!! Should we start a club? I feel like there needs to be some kind of support group for paranoid moms and food. LOL! My husband choked on a hot dog when he was little and the story is just terrifying. Now when my kids even think of moving from the table with food, I yell, DO YOU WANT DAD TO TELL THE HOT DOG STORY?



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