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Sep 29, 2016

Denim on Denim Outfits
Triple the Denim
Denim from head to toe
Denim on Denim Outfit
Denim Outfits
Denim on Denim Outfits
denim jacket // chambray shirt // jeans: zara (similar) // shoes 

One thing I love about living in the south, are the homes. Before Chris and I could ever imagine the kinds of places we would live, he would tell me about how one day he wants a bunch of land so that I can teach him how to ride a horse. Our dogs running around. And a large deck that wraps around the whole house so that he can go out every morning and have his coffee. It sounds like a nice little dream right? Well that is the fantasy plan. Once this military chapter comes to a close and our future is a little more concrete, we would love for that dream to become a reality. I am a country girl at heart. Sure I love the amenities that a city has to offer, but as long as UPS can get to my house I am a happy camper. 

I have always had this double side to me. Growing up I was around cowboys. I got up in the morning before the sun came up and would start to water down the arenas for training. Grab horses and start saddling them up. Whether it was before or after school I was covered in dirt and horse hair. I loved barrel racing and horse shows. But then I would go home and wash it all off. Play with makeup, curl my hair, and make a mess of my room trying to put outfits together. 

It was always funny when the two words would collide. One night my friend and I were going to a Rascal Flatts concert and my horse trainer called me to tell me that she was stuck in a town about two hours away and needed me to go pick up shots from the vet and give them to a sick foal that was in the barn. So I went. When I showed up at the vets office, a place that I was at frequently, they looked at me like...what are you wearing? Who is this? And if I remember correctly my vet said "you look a little different when you're not covered in horse boogers". 

Or another time when I had a cheerleading competition on the same day that I had a horse show. Changing out of a cheer uniform in a horse stall and getting into starched jeans and chaps without stepping in horse shit is no easy thing. 

But I kind of feel a sense of familiarity with Georgia. It's a little bit country, but in a charming way. I kind of such soak it all in, because soon enough we will be off to the next place!

And there is a random post for your Thursday. I guess this is what happens when I wear head to toe denim. It gets me all nostalgic. 


  1. Kyle and I feel the same way, even though we both grew up in the city we feel more comfortable in small towns. We want a lot of land and a lake or pond nearby.

    1. YES! I think after moving so much we just want a large space that is ours! ;)

  2. Oh I love this! Best of both worlds you know?



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