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Sep 12, 2016

Mommy and Me Style
One shoulder tops
One Shoulder Tops- Tobi
One shoulder tops, and wide leg jeans
Georgia Style Blogger
Mom Style
Off the shoulder tops
one shoulder top c/o Tobi 

We had a nice quiet weekend. Friday night we went out to eat, which was much appreciated by me because our dishwasher is still on the fritz. They came, they saw, they couldn't fix right away. But if you saw me on snapchat on Friday, then you know that I am working around the dishwasher malfunction and simply forcing the thing to work against it's will. Don't worry, I was given the green light by the repair man. Fingers crossed they come back this week and all is right again in the kitchen. 

Saturday we spent the day running errands. See, again, nothing exciting. 

Yesterday, we remained low key. The temps are cooling down in the morning, and only the morning. So we got an early start. I decided to pull out this one shoulder top from Tobi, that I am totally in love with. The one shoulder trend is back, and the off the shoulder will continue. I decided to pull out some ankle boots just for the hell of it as well. Avalon clearly got the memo! I am not wishing away summer in the slightest. For four years in Alaska I dreamt of blistering hot days. So I am still just soaking up the sun! 

We decided to go downtown to grab a coffee, and let the kids wonder around a bit. They think it is always so cool to walk around, and cross at a cross walk. We marveled at all the American flags being flown. Columbus being a military town, there are always people in uniform walking around downtown. Given the significance of the day, it was so humbling to walk past a group of newly graduated kids from basic training. I say kids because truly that is what they looked like to me. 18, 19 year old kids that chose to serve for something greater than themselves. All I saw was Chris in them when I walked by. A 19 year old kid in 2007 in a war zone. I remembered exactly where I was on the morning of 9/11, a freshman in high school. The sound of my mom screaming from downstairs. The confusion, the worry, the disbelief. I remembered kissing my husband of two weeks goodbye as he left for 15 months. 

Then I watched him walk hand in hand with our four kids passed this group of soldiers. 

Never have I ever felt more grateful. 


  1. I'm grateful for your husband, too! Thank you, Chris! :)

  2. Oh this. Yes. What you guys do and sacrifice for us is unlike anything else...

  3. Such a great post! Love this look and she's absolutely adorable!



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