5 thoughts on a friday

Oct 28, 2016

FRIDAY! I love you for so many reasons this week, mainly because I have been kicking it solo in the parenting department all week, and that will come to an end today! Not only that, but we are inching our way closer to my favorite holiday. Halloween is it for me man, I could go without Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I look forward to Halloween all year. I think this really stems from my mom. Every year she went all out on Halloween, doesn't even matter if we were throwing costumes together last minute. Some of my favorite memories growing up were from Halloween. My parents always went crazy with the decorations (apple...tree...me) and one year we decided to stick my little sister outside in a terrifying alien mask thing. She sat on this rocking chair by the front door, still as a statue and when someone would come up to the door and ring the door bell she would start rocking in the chair as they were waiting for someone to answer. Of course we were all watching from inside dying of the reactions. Ahh! I am so excited for Monday, although this year I have dropped the ball entirely. 
Family Halloween Costumes
Which brings me to some thoughts....

-I still have no idea what Chris and I are going to dress up as. Usually I have these things planned well in advance, but this year between Chris' class schedule and the kid craziness, and the sickness that has plagued our house for the last ten days, I have done just about nothing. I don't usually decorate the outside to much before Halloween because I like to give the neighborhood something to really talk about. Thanks to Amazon Prime the kid's costumes came this week, and I am hoping that Chris and I can come up with something. 

-I truly find this so odd, but whenever Chris is gone, I start to notice that my house stays so clean! How? He is just one human, and an adult at that. But somehow the house stays so clean! Minus the playroom, but that is to be expected. I have a couple theories on this. Chris is a tornado when he comes through the house. Always rushing from one place to the next. He showers twice a day, and changes clothes probably three times. That's a lot of items being thrown around. The same goes for his eating habits. He makes every meal as though it is his last, so the number of dishes is overwhelming. I try to contain everything in his office, but it doesn't work. My other theory is, that when he is home I just don't want to spend time cleaning. I would much rather spend time with him after the kids go to bed, so I tend to walk away from the mess at night. When he isn't here, I am constantly cleaning just to pass the time. Needless to say, I have enjoyed my clean-er house this week. 

-My new "goal" (I use the word goal lightly here) is to read a book a week. This may not seem like a challenging goal for some people, but for me, in my house it can be. It has been working out nicely the past month. I read Behind Closed Doors last week, and I really liked it. You have to kind of like a little psychological darkness, which I'm into. And then when you finish that, you can move onto The Things We Wish Were True, this book started off a little slow for me, but I love how it was written. The characters were relatable, and it had some unexpected twists, but ended with this renewed sense of hope.

-I also took the time to clean out all the kids' closets this week. Do you see the pattern here? When Chris is gone I just can't stop. Pierce got a huge boost in the wardrobe department since he inherited Ace's Alaska collection. We bought everything a little big when we lived in Alaska, for layering purposes, so now it all fits Pierce pretty well. Odette got all of Avalon's closet goodness as well. Which leaves a few opening for Ace and Avalon. I am loving these leggings sets,  and corduroy pants for Avalon. Ace takes all fashion inspiration from Chris, so I basically buy him mini versions, this cotton sweater fits the bill. As do these jeans, and I love that they have the drawstring waist!

-Before Chris left he gave the kids a little pep talk as he always does (and I usually spy on it) "okay guys, be good for mom, don't make her any crazier than she already is. She loves you so much, so listen to her, be nice to each other, and don't play with lightsabers in the kitchen while she's cooking. Ace you're the man of the house, so take care of my mama!" It's all sweet and wonderful until Ace really took that to heart. This whole week "since I'm the man of the house I get to stay up late right?" no. "So, guys I'm the man of the house so you have to listen to me" no. "Mom, I can't go to school I'm the man of the house dad said so" no. "Okay mom I'm the man of the house and for dinner I think we should have ice cream then salad then pie" no.

It's time to overthrow this tiny dictator.


  1. The tiny dictator! Ace you are adorable. Also, I like your book goal. I don't have any excuses about why it takes me forever to finish books. I'm going to start listening to audiobooks (not the same :() but it's a start!

  2. Oh my god he is so hilarious! The things they take away from some conversations just blow my mind! Glad he is home now and you can sleep and not clean and read or whatever it is you want to do. ☺️

  3. Haha Ace is pretty much awesome! :)



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