bootie call

Oct 5, 2016

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You know what signifies the true seasonal change? Not the leaves falling off the trees, or the temps dipping low. Not the return of the PSL, or the hunt for the cutest blanket scarf. No, no. It is when you pull out those fall ankle boots and start pairing them with anything and everything. I am guilty of this. Don't know what to wear with jeans? Ankle boots. What about shorts because it is still in the upper 80's. Ankle boots. Dresses, skirts, boho maxi's, pants, jeans, pajamas for school drop off. ANKLE BOOTS!! 

And I'm not sure if it is just me or not, but ankle boots this year seem to be soooo good! And so many at a great price point as well. I broke early this year and invested in a pair of boots that I had my eye on for awhile. But the fall season is young my friends, and I have so many pairs of booties on my rotating wish list. All of the ones above have shockingly good price tags attached to them, and would be the perfect staple in any fall wardrobe.

So from my boot obsession to yours...may the fall force be with you!


  1. I love a good bootie! I sometimes have an issue where they cut my leg in half and make my calves look enormous though :(

  2. I need all of these in my life, they are amazing!

  3. I don't own a single pair. But I want one so so so badly!!



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