crushed velvet

Oct 5, 2016

Crushed Velvet Tops
How to style velvet for fall
Velvet outfits
Favorite trend for fall- velvet
Velvet tops and distressed denim
velvet top: zara (similar here) // jeans: nordstrom (on sale!) // shoes: j. adams (love these too)
clutch: louis vuitton // sunglasses: quay

I have previously apologized for all the velvet that will be popping up, and truly I cannot stop myself. I see velvet and like a moth to the flame. Chris has even said "is velvet like a new trend or something?" something like that. 

This week is shaping up to be a good one my friends. Chris called me early yesterday and said that he would be home in 15 and I about ran through my house yelling "freedooooooom!!!!" 

And then, here is the real kicker, he is off today too!! And and and, wait there is more, this weekend is a four day! I mean, you just can't even pray for these kinds of miracles in the Army. I don't know how it happened, I didn't even ask. I just said, thank you sir may I have another? 

So yesterday I ran mundane errands that before the joyous presence of my husband appeared in the house, I was running a game plan in my head. Like, I will do this errand first because it is the quickest, and the least likely that one of the three children will freak out. Then I will go to this doctor's office to drop off these medical records because it has a parking lot close to the building. Then I will most likely need a coffee and I can bribe the kids with pumpkin bread before we have to run in and sign up for the next session of swim lessons (why they only have sign ups on certain days, and cannot be done over the phone, I will never know), and hopefully the pumpkin bread will distract them so they don't freak out when they realize we will NOT be staying for lessons today. By this time the people from the next doctor's office should be back from lunch and I can get my labs done, and the kids should be ready for some iPads, then off to pick up Ace. 

But you see, none of that needed to happen because Chris saved the day. I got all my errands done, plus a trip to Ulta, and I got to laugh at all the dramatic texts he was sending me. 

"Does Odette always poop this much?"
"Maybe she has a tape worm"
"Avalon lost her bowl of grapes, so if Shameless finds them and dies I'm sorry"
"I've fed the kids six lunches in two hours"
"I think the girls fight more than the boys, is that an accurate assumption?" yes.
"Odette fell asleep on the floor, wasn't sure how to put her down for her nap without leaving my security post for the other two"
"I love you"

Love you too baby daddy!


  1. Bahahahaha. Those texts! Same my husband would send. Good thing I don't have read receipt on my phone. "Oh sorry I didn't see your texts"

  2. Hahaha! Yay for Chris being home and having a long weekend! I know you are going to enjoy that. :)

  3. So pretty! Hahaha those texts are amazing. Definitely things my husband would say!

  4. Hahahaha those texts are hysterical!

  5. Oh my god his messages made me crack up!!! Oh six lunches in two hours. YES! So glad you got a much needed break though!!



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