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Oct 23, 2016

Styling Leopard Print Pants
Leopard Pants For Fall
Leopard Print Pants
Mom and Me Style
Fall trends- leopard print
Fall Outfits with Leopard Print
Mom Style
Leopard Print Pants
Fall Outfit Inspiration
Mom Style
long cardigan: nordstrom // tee: american apparel // pants: zara (old, leopard pants here )
shoes: nordstrom (old, obsessed with these!!) // sunglasses: ray-ban

Avalon's outfit: dress and shoes

I am sincerely hoping that your weekend was much better than ours! Good news is, I think we are on the mend. Bad news is? 

I can't think of any bad news. Which might fall into the good news category. But these pictures were taken before the triple threat immunity apocalypse hit our house. So I figured I would pop in today and share them, because truly it beats cleaning my house right now, and getting out of bed for that matter. The weekend was a complete blur of tissues, thermometers, medicine distribution, and restless sleep. But, the temps decided to cool down a bit which was wonderful for all of our hot cold symptoms. The cool air felt so good on our sore throats, and it also felt good to cozy up in a sweater and watch the kids have glimmers of energy. 

Some of our friends in Alaska sent us some snap shots of all the snow they have gotten over the past couple days, and although it was all beautiful and 8.9 seconds of me said "I miss those gorgeous views blanketed in fresh white powder". I couldn't imagine battling snow and sickness right about now. So I will take our cool mornings, and slightly warmer afternoons. 

Summer you will always have my heart don't you worry. 

And with that, I am pulling up my covers and pretending that my house will magically clean and disinfect itself. Happy Monday you beautiful people!


  1. Glad to hear you guys are on the mend! Can't you convince Chris to spring for a cleaning service this time around? I'd say you earned it! Haha!

  2. Hugs friend!!! I hope today is better for everyone!



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