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Oct 27, 2016

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When we first moved to Alaska I thought well, we have nothing in common. I think I had gone camping once in middle school? Hiking wasn't really on my to-do list. The boys were still very little, and being pregnant with Avalon left me in a constant state of uncomfortable. So essentially I wasted my first nine months in Alaska feeling sorry for myself. Then summer rolled around, and I watched the snow melt and everything around me transform. If you ask anyone that has lived in Alaska or even visited in the summer, it is like nothing you have ever seen. It awakened my inner Annie Oakley.
The next thing you know, Chris and I are making lists of hikes to go on. Places that we must see! Planning camping trips, backpacking excursions, and researching the things we needed to really live up our time in the last frontier. Honestly, it transformed us. Chris maybe more so than anyone, but it was contagious.
So we hiked, and fished, and camped, and lived it up in the winter as well. And that sense of adventure has followed us to Georgia as well. When time allows we are always outside. Playing tourists, finding the things to do outdoors that we never thought of doing when we lived here before.
Living in Alaska helped to jumpstart a fun and healthy lifestyle that I hadn't really given thought to before. So I was excited for this idea to carry over to skincare as well. I had read an article about Mother Dirt awhile ago and thought, what a cool concept to use good bacteria to clean and nurture your skin!
Mother Dirt Skincare
I use a ton of different beauty products, and I am always willing to try something new as you guys well know. So I wanted to challenge myself by using these skincare products and seeing how they worked on my skin, as opposed to the cabinet full of other products I rotate through. The first thing that really stood out to me was the AO+Mist, which contains live bacteria! Yes, you read that right. You even keep it in the fridge between uses.
Mother Dirt Skincare
First impressions were....

This isn't cleaning my skin.
I don't feel clean.
I am going to use this whole bottle in order to get a good scrub.
Mother Dirt Skincare Products
Mother Dirt Skincare
All wrong. With all the products we put on our skin, they are stripping the natural oils from our skin which leaves us with that "clean" feeling. Which can also translate into dry, or tight. That is the opposite when using Mother Dirt, less is more which took me a little while to get used to. My favorite product by far is the Moisturizer. It is an oil, but it soaks into your skin so well and leaves it feeling soft throughout the day. Another thing I noticed was there was no adjustment period. You know, when you change skincare products and your skin freaks out a little bit. I didn't have any breakouts, or dry patches, which happens sometimes with my combination skin. It was a pretty smooth transition.

The one product that I have had a hard time with over the last month, is the Shampoo. Because my hair is dry from dyes and heat, it needs that extra dose of moisture to not become a frizzy mess. But, Chris tells me that he really likes it for his hair! Which I should mention that Chris became increasingly interested in these products as time went on and they were on the bathroom counter. He is ever the outdoorsman, and his favorite product is the AO+Mist because it is the little spritz of clean that you need throughout the day. It's great for coming in from playing outside with the kids, or walking the dogs, and wanting to feel clean but don't have time for a full shower break.

So if you are looking to rethink clean and want to use products that help promote the beneficial bacteria that our bodies naturally produce, I highly recommend Mother Dirt!


  1. Good to know!!! I'm always looking for good products like this.

  2. We have been loving these products as well. The AO+ Mist is my favorite. #client

  3. 1. I felt the same way about Hawaii as you did about Alaska. 2. That photo of you with O on your back, your legs are 8 miles long. 3. I'm so intrigued by this product - thank you for being the Guinea pig 😄😂

  4. Huh! I have never heard of these products. Not that you're surprised because me and beauty are not a thing. I love the concept though!

  5. I'm so intrigued by this skincare line! I have combination/sensitive skin and am always a little wary about trying new products for, as you've mentioned, the fear of my skin freaking out. I do love trying new products though, especially with the weather getting colder and my skin feeling drier than usual. I'm going to check Mother Dirt out, which is a totally cool name btw :) Thanks for sharing your review!



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