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Oct 6, 2016

Fall style basics
Fall Basics
Fall Basics
Fall Basics
tee: american apparel // jeans: old navy // hat: nordstrom (old, similar)
shoes: topshop // sunglasses: ray-ban 

Well, well, well, Friday. 

I'll be honest, yesterday was a less than stellar parenting day on my part. The kids had attitudes, I had an attitude, Chris came home from work and was like "whoa! what's with all the attitudes?" which you know just prompted us to all point the fingers at each other. Real fine parenting day let me tell you. By mid-afternoon I just gave up and said....let's all just watch a movie before I run out of this house screaming. 

We all have those days. It's normal. We hugged it out while glaring at each other over the nightly teeth brushing gathering. 

But, Chris was off on Wednesday and we decided to head to the park bright and early after dropping Ace off at school. Another great parenting move was to keep Pierce home that day too because well, it's preschool, and he doesn't spend much time with Chris...without Ace. And Ace will never miss a day of school voluntarily. My brother was the same way, flu, family emergency, bleeding from the head, he went to school. Never missed a day! Me, I was like cough cough throw a hot wash cloth on my forehead, mom I have a fever I'm sick. 

So we headed downtown to play and walk around. It was so nice out with the cool temps and a slight breeze. The park was vacant when we showed up, just the way I like it. Then a mom and her two daughters set out their blanket and got started on some homeschool activities. Which I thought was just so cool and so fun! We were clearly a distraction for the younger daughter and she promptly threw her pencil down and ran towards us. She came right up and ordered Chris to take off his glasses so she could see his eyes, all while introducing herself with a firm handshake. We got a total kick out of it. We all played on the seesaw and the swings. She commented on the many children we had, and questioned why Chris was not at work that day. Pierce had enough with the interrogation tactics and ushered us to the other side of the playground with the slides. She lured Pierce back in with a Pringle, and you know, once you pop the fun don't stop. 

But it did stop, because this park mom forgot wipes. 

Mom brain. Not just for the newborn sleep deprived stages. It's the gift that keeps on giving!


  1. Dane is obsessed with Pringles and I just don't get it. Now not having wipes is a real buzzkill!

  2. Bahahaha. My son is that little girl (without the homeschooling) and is crazy social, no personal space, and questions. I see the frazzled look in other parent's eyes of "omg how do we escape this child?" And I just can't help but laugh. There's no toning him down

  3. I have those days every day I feel like. Thank god for the weekend though! And random days off!

  4. Haha the pringle comment has me cracking up.



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