Playing Tourist: Providence Canyon

Oct 11, 2016

We dusted off our hiking shoes over the weekend, and hit the trail. Sort of. Chris and I have been wanting to get the kids and the dogs out for a hike for quite some time now. One of our favorite things to do in Alaska as a family, was hike. It was always just so nice to let the kids loose, explore, yell, scream, throw rocks, get out all the energy. And for Caspian it was always so great to watch him run around. In Alaska is was kind of like an unwritten thing that your dog could be off the leash on a trail, granted they were trained to do so. Which is how we trained Caspian as well, and he was SO excited to jump in the car. 
Family Hikes in Georgia
We set out for Providence Canyon park. The drive was not that far from our house, and truthfully there are only a few hikes to choose from in our area. We noticed this when we made our drive down to the lower 48 from Alaska, that most of the hiking trails were heavily populated. Not something we are used to coming from Anchorage. The trails were always pretty vacant. You might run into a few people, but for us, it was mostly just hiking with our family. Which for a paranoid mom like me it was wonderful. I am always so worried about losing sight of one kid, or Pierce and Ace running off ahead. And well, bears. Which is not the issue here clearly, even though the kids got in a few "HEY BEAR" yells. So when we got to this trail we noticed a fully packed parking area, and I was immediately relieved that we did not bring Shameless. He is doing really well on the leash (as of last week), but is still only five months old. 
We were all kind of like, ugh....about the amount of people on the trail. 

I know, brats I tell ya! Picky hiking brats! But we pushed on. At first you have to walk down one central trail to get to the canyons, and other trails that branch off from there. This initial trail was like combat hiking. People running, trying to pass, squeezing by one another. I immediately noticed we were not hiking in Alaska anymore, as we passed a man hiking in Gucci loafers, and lots of people in flip flops. I had a little laugh. 
Once we got down to where the trails branched off, we stopped and watched where everyone was going, and then went the opposite direction. Ha! We found ourselves on a nice shaded trail, we let Caspian off the leash, and all the kids found their perfect walking sticks. We walked for about a mile and then stopped to take a break for a snack. 
I also took a moment for my undiagnosed narcolepsy to appear! Kidding. But I did fall asleep for about six minutes while the kids were playing. I blame Shameless for his sensitive stomach the night before. That will teach you to eat off the table, dog! Or it won't. But it did make me think, how did I have four newborns? One all-nighter with bubble guts beast, and I was a zombie wimp! (thank you Chris for this photo documentation).
Providence Canyon State Park, Georgia
Only problem with our choice of trail was, there were no canyons! So we headed back down the trail to find what we came to see. It was amazing how quickly the scenery on the trail changed! One minute you were in a wooded area, and then it instantly opened up to these beautiful colored canyons. 
Providence Canyon Park, Georgia
Providence Canyon State Park
There were a lot of people and dogs to maneuver around, which is hard with Caspian. He is trained to be very protective, so when other people would run up to him, or other dogs got a little too close, he was uncomfortable. But, I think it will just take us getting him out and used to more populated trails to realize not everyone is scary. 

After about four miles of hiking, Avalon was protesting just one more step. It was hot, which was a rookie move on our part! The kids were a sweaty mess. A muddy sweaty mess. Everyone wanted to be carried back up the hill, except for Odette who was so ready to get out of the carrier. 

Once back in the car, everyone chugged a water or two and the kids all quickly fell asleep. It was nice to get out and explore a little more of Georgia. I think next hike we will set out for the trails early to beat the heat, and the crowds! 

Antisocial hikers r us. 


  1. What a fun adventure!! I am so ready for rotations to be done for the year so we can go exploring on the weekends again.

  2. those canyons look beautiful. I should get my kids out for more hikes!

  3. Those canyon shots are gorgeous!

  4. I cannot believe you actually fell asleep like that. Seriously. Haha! The place looks gorgeous but yeah no crowds are the best kinds of places!



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