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Oct 18, 2016

On Saturday we did a very original thing for this time of year, we visited a pumpkin patch. I know what you're thinking, totally random. But you know what? It just felt right. And you can't deny that loving feeling.
Fall Festivals
(normal picture, mom laughing Pierce pouting)

When we went blueberry picking not long ago, we marked our calendar for the fall festival back at that same farm. It did not disappoint. We got the kids amped up on our drive over for pumpkins, corn mazes, food, and just so much fun. Odette fell asleep, and Avalon refused to get out of the car at first, so you see, we are really good at getting a party started. 
A little bribing and some threats of the pumpkins getting up and walking away, and we were ready! As soon as we got our wrist bands on for pumpkin de la fun, we were ready to go to the patch. That is when a large wagon pulled by a tractor showed up. The kids jumped right on, not even looking for an approval glance from paranoid mom. And the next thing you know we were off, on what I would like to categorize as a roller coaster wagon, minus the chest harness and the automated voice saying "please keep all hands and feet inside the wagon at all times". This ride was bumpy, and slightly frightening as I was trying to hold the majority of my children in a seat before we hit a bump that would for sure send one flying. But as I was making myself a human seat belt, my children were screaming with delight. Except Odette, she hated it. 
Backyard Orchards, Alabama, pumpkin patches
Fall Festivals
Once safely at the patch it was pickin' time. True to this families form, it became a competition to find the biggest pumpkin, thing was....you had to be able to carry it yourself. Chris caught me in a moment helping Pierce cheat as Ace was getting dangerously close to bringing his pumpkin back to the rendezvous point. Teamwork isn't cheating right? I'll let you imagine the speech Ace gave us on   "cheaters never really win"....blah blah blah Pierce and I's pumpkin was badass. 
From there we made our way to the corn maze. This had to have been my favorite part. What do you get when you put three alpha male personalities together in a corn maze? Chaos. Chris of course the navigator of all navigators put up a good fight against Ace who from the start "knew" how to get through. Pierce went along with their shenanigans for two too many wrong turns before he said eff it, and went off the path to find his way out. Avalon was either too hot, or too bored, or too "princessy" to get dirty, so she sat down somewhere. Odette was on a mission to collect every abandoned piece of corn and adopt it into her Angelina like arms and take them home. 
After we bushwhacked our way out of the corn maze, we decided to try our hands at the obstacle course that was set up. Oh, of course after saying a prayer and getting back on the wagon of death. 

This was so great for the kids!! I think we spent a solid hour just letting them climb on everything and race each other through all the obstacles. From there they went into the sandbox and to play in all the corn in the barn. 
The owners and their kids came out to play as well, and we sat and talked to them about all things farm life, and Chris and I were just so amazed at this hard working family, generations of hard workers. And we could not give them enough praise and compliments for sharing it all with us. 

After two and a half hours, the kids led us back to the car. We loaded up our pumpkins and left with another date to put on the calendar for next month, the syrup festival!! 

So for all those in the Columbus, GA area head out to Backyard Orchards. Get some homemade ice cream, ride the wagon for an adrenaline rush, and tell them Kelsey sent you. 

Just kidding they have no idea who I am, but they might know who Odette is. They probably have a wanted poster with her corn thieving mugshot on it!


  1. Awww. What a fun day! This looks like a blast! Living in Alaska (specifically where we are in AK) definitely makes me miss access to this kind of stuff. Corn mazes, pumpkin patches, farmers - it all makes me think of life growing up in the midwest.

    1. Oh I know how you feel. There was only one place near Anchorage that did a fall festival, which was fun, but so much work in the cold!!

  2. Angelina like arms...adopting...I'm dying over here 😂😂😂

  3. I love these pictures!!! It looks like you all had a great time.

  4. Oh my god dying. Adopt like Angelina. Lol! And are the girls matching in their shirts!!!? Stahhhp!



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