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Oct 4, 2016

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Who can resist a puppy? No one right? So when looking at that cute chubby little puppy you never really think about the shedding, or the color of their coat. At least I didn't when we went and saw Caspian. I fell in love with his round little face, and his larger than puppy life body. But, slowly but surely that puppy coat left us and we now have the king of shedding living in our house. Caspian is an English lab which is a little different than your "standard" lab or American lab. They have longer and thicker coats, which basically means, they shed more. And more and more and more. Long white hairs everywhere! 
My whole day pretty much revolves around getting rid of dog hair. Between vacuuming twice a day, dusting, and lint rolling our surround sound speakers (yes that is a thing). Dog hair drives me nuts! It might tie with toys being left on the floor. I just can't stand it. And it never fails that when I wear dark colors, Caspian will rub against me, or jump up for a hug, and I can't deny that sweet face. Then I spend the next five minutes lint rolling myself. But anything to keep my clothes hair free...I will do. 
Scotch-Brits Lint Rollers
Chris and I both keep lint rollers everywhere! There is probably one in every drawer of the house. I like the Scotch-Brite™ Printed Lint Roller because they add a little flare to your lint rolling. They have printed designs on every sheet, which I think is so fun. I keep one by my clothing rack, and also one in my closet. 
Caspian and Shameless regularly accompany me for the morning drop off duties, which means they dart out of my car leaving behind a mushroom cloud of hair. So don't think I don't have one or two Scotch-Brite™ Lint Roller in there as well. Actually, in my car I use the lint rollers for more than just my clothing. I use them on my dashboard to get rid of dust and hair. My seats, the kids car seats to pick up crumbs. The bottom of my purse to get those crumbs, sand from the playground, and who knows what else out of the creases of my bag. 

Shameless does not shed yet, but I am guessing it is only a matter of time before we start noticing his short little hairs. Before I had these two I thought lint rollers only had one purpose. Kind of like baby wipes before you actually have a child. Now, I use a lint roller in place of everything. On my couches, speakers, dining room chairs, counter tops, and rugs that are hand wash only. Me vs. Dog hair is an on going battle, but my hairy fifth and sixth children are more than worth it. 
So next time you are at Walmart head to the cleaning aisle, and pick up a few lint rollers and toss them in your purse moms. They also make for a great waiting room distraction! Also check out more lint roller uses, and cleaning hacks here!

How do you combat the dog hair?


  1. Lint rollers for life! I use them on our headboard and lamp shades - the hair gets everywhere! I do not understand!

  2. I really should use them more! So versatile! But yes. Dog hair is my LEAST fav. Especially when a baby is crawling. Yuck!

  3. Dog (or in my case, cat!) hair is always a problem. Great reminders on how to stay hair free. #client



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