what to do with all that after school energy?

Oct 13, 2016

If only I possessed as much energy as my children, even after a full day of school. And with no caffeine intake. I truly do not understand how they are still raring to go. I remember being so tired after school growing up, or maybe that was just high school and it was because I stayed up too late on the phone, and then tried to cram in all my homework and still squeeze in a few hours of shut eye. Lather, rinse, repeat, right?
Well, now having the boys in school and the girls at home I have learned a thing or two about after school activities. On most days we have some kind of organized activity for the boys. It changes week to week, but I do try and keep a routine as far as playtime after school. Most likely the girls have spent the day running errands with me, and watching me frantically clean the house or put laundry away. So their energy level is at an all time high mid afternoon, this is of course after a well rested nap. Pierce is the energizer bunny, goes from 0-60 and then crashes at bedtime. Ace just has so much nervous energy built up throughout the day. So after school it is a must for me to tire them out a little before we tackle reading groups, or even homework. 
After pick up we usually do a car quick change into some play clothes and then head to the playground. Or on certain days I will get a text from Chris saying "I have an hour before my study group" and we will meet him at the park on base, or the field by our house to play. 

I feel like I really have to expel any and all energy from most of them in order for homework time to go smoothly. Ace is really the only one that has homework, but that means everyone else needs to be occupied (not easy). Not to mention, getting dinner made is easier when kids aren't running through the kitchen. 
Trust me, there are the days when I just want to come straight home after pick up, throw on a movie or hand everyone an iPad and just hope bedtime comes sooner rather than later. But I know for sanity's sake, the extra effort after school is worth it. Not to mention, my kids thrive off of a routine. So they know when they see mom pack a few extra waters, and throw some snack in my bag, they are in for some playtime.
I really try and limit sugar during the week for the kids. No one in this house needs a sugar high, especially when practice spelling words are involved. So my kids think it is an extra special treat when they get a CLIF Kid Zbar®. I like that they are just the right size for a snack, and it will keep them full from one activity to the next. Also a bonus that they are made with organic ingredients, and cut the junk out!

This year is also pretty exciting in the after school activities department because it is already the middle of October and there is no snow on the ground! In Alaska the kids would get out of school and want to run inside for some warmth. Riding bikes and scooters, taking the dogs for a walk, or having a nerf war in the backyard wasn't something four kids and myself wanted to do in freezing temps. So this year I am prepared to take full advantage of all this glorious sunshine and warmth Georgia keeps feeding us! Even if it is a little more work at the end of a long day already, getting them all outside for even just an hour and away from the temptation of technology inside, feels like a success to me!

What does your after school playtime look like? Check out this video from CLIF Kids for more creative after school activities!

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  1. Those z bars are good! Clif also makes a damn good fruit snack

  2. It really is amazing how much energy kiddos have! :)

  3. Great idea for an after school snack! I'm pretty bad about getting home, doing homework, and then sending them off to the TV.

  4. I feel like Letty NEEDS the quiet time right away? Not for long but like a half hour where she's like don't talk to me. You know me wanting to cut out sugar! The kids ate SO poorly the past week! I died inside.



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