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Oct 2, 2016

Summer to Fall Transition Outfits
Transitioning from summer to fall
Transition from summer to fall with over the knee boots
Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Boots
Over the knee boots for fall
turtleneck: nordstrom // denim skirt: levis // boots: stuart weitzman (limited sizes here, similar here, under $100 style here) // bag: vintage coach

Welcome back to Monday, and all things Monday-like. I'll be honest, I could have used one more day. Or maybe just a few more hours yesterday. You know when you have those weekends when you don't really do anything, yet you never stopped moving? That was this weekend. We got random crap done that needed to be done, but nothing very exciting. Since I don't really have Chris here during the week, my "to-do when Chris is home" list gets kind of long. He was off on Friday but......I took the opportunity to take a three hour nap. Yes, three hours. 

Saturday we got up kind of early and met some friends downtown for coffee. It was a quick outing, but because of the natural of Chris' class schedule, family socializing is kind of at a minimum. When we got home, I changed out of the above outfit and did some hardcore training with Shameless. He is starting to realize his size, which is not the best thing. He can easily get things off the kitchen counters. He can clear the dining room table if you take your eyes off it for a second. And he also knows how to lift up the toilet seat if the bathroom door is left open. I am kind of a psycho with the dog training. We worked with a retired police handler to help me train Caspian, which was so great. But Shameless is a whole different ball game. Training him is like training a horse. He is skittish, yet stubborn, and if you give him an inch he will pull you a mile. So that is fun. 

What else? What else? Have I bored you to death yet with this post? Sorry, rough boring life. Are you even still reading? Oh, I watched the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix too. Has anyone else watched it yet? It basically made me wonder if there is anything called journalistic credibility. But, I'd definitely say watch it. 

It was a little cooler around these parts, coming in at 88 yesterday. So I am having fun thinking of ways to wear fall clothes, and get extra wear out of my summer favorites as well. I really wanted to pull out some over the knee boots, and this pair are actually kid friendly with their rubber sole. Easy to run after my flight risk children, yet still classy and without twisting an ankle. These are the things that make for a mom friendly outfit these days. 

How was your weekend? 

See how I styled these boots for fall and winter here and here


  1. I love those boots and I'm watching the Amanda Knox documentary tonight! I'm a weirdo who has been counting down Until the debut and then didn't get a spare minute this weekend!

  2. Those boots are amazing!!!

  3. Gah! Yeah the weekend was too short as always. Bummer about Shameless but if I know you I know you'll whip him into shape in no time!



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