when life hands you three different viruses

Oct 25, 2016

Let me just go ahead and beat this family sickness stint to death for you....

I mean have you ever seen someone drag on, like four posts about being sick? Well allow me to be the first. This probably in no way surprises my family....they know I can drag some shit on and on and on. But really, this weekend was just insane. Ace was the first of the outbreak patients. He had a sinus infection that had been building, but it was manageable until he got strep throat. I was almost certain all of us were going to get it and gave my pediatrician the heads up that we would be seeng a lot of him. Little did I know it would be for different sicknesses. 
(recovery painting outside)

Then Chris started in with the sore throat and fever symptoms, but really, was I supposed to have sympathy? I said, buck up. And he did until it was going on day three of a fever and then he went for a strep test. Positive. 

The middle of last week, Odette and Pierce both woke up with gnarly runny noses, no fevers. So we went with that. Just treated the symptoms and went on with life. Avalon and I were like sitting ducks at this point. Would we get strep? Would we get the flu? Small pocks? Measles? Worms? Who knew. 

Friday I woke up feeling like I had a handful of needles in my throat, and said see ya Avalon you're on your own. But I'll be on the couch if anyone needs to snuggle. 

By Saturday all six of us where sniffling, coughing, shivering, and enjoying each others misery. Pierce I could tell was not really himself, but he wouldn't sit still long enough to even get a good read on him. With Pierce, anytime he gets sick it is always a constant watch kind of thing because his breathing goes from good to bad faster than any mother can handle. It has been going on since he was two, and we have all the inhalers, and nebulizers to deal with it. He doesn't have asthma, but anytime there is the presence of an abundance of mucus (that was a gross statement) we have to be really mindful. So Saturday was all gravy until I was putting everyone to sleep and had Pierce lay in my bed so I could monitor his breathing. After about 30 minutes I didn't like what I was seeing and hearing. His breathing was so shallow and laboring, even with a few puffs of his inhaler. I told Chris I wanted to take him to the ER to which he thought was a little bit of an overkill, but you have to stick with that mama gut sometimes. 

I loaded him up and off we went to the emergency room. My mom has asthma, so I know the drive when it comes to the ER and breathing problems. What to say, what numbers they want, and so on. They got us right into a room. Pierce at this point was awake enough to be bouncing around on the bed, but his oxygen was a little low and he spiked a fever. They did a bunch of tests to rule out any other virus and then sent us for X-rays which would eventually tell us that he has pneumonia. A couple intense breathing treatments later and we were sent home with a nice bag full of meds. 
Sickness and children turns me into the most crazy paranoid person. There is no cool calm and collected. I hover and monitor and then hover some more. I will stupidly google things that will ultimately lead me to death and then I will pace the hallways in the house. Chris will tell me I am crazy and I will say, I KNOW. But I won't sleep, especially when it comes to Pierce. So the last few nights I have slept in his bed and watched and counted his little breaths. Listening intently to the wheezing and coughing. Was that a wet cough? A dry cough? A barking seal like cough? Was that even a cough? 

Crazy person I tell ya. 

I have had a running spreadsheet going with med times and distribution, breathing treatment schedules, and wine time penciled in! 

Thankfully all antibiotics are alive and kicking in everyones systems so hopefully everyone is back to their normal chaotic selves. But, Georgia fall you got us good! 

Any other moms out there turn into a looney tune when their kids are sick? When my kids are all healthy it is a free for all....nothing really phases me. But I am just down right annoying when a fever is present.

Honorary helicopter mom only when children are sick....out!


  1. Dane calls me a plunger because I am an expert at bringing old shit up so I can totally sympathize on dragging things on and on...

  2. Oh man!!!! So glad you all are doing better!

  3. Oh my god when my kids are sick I'm on the edge. I am constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. Letty said her eye hurt the other night and I'm like god is she going to have an aneurysm!? It's an illness of the mental variety. I need Xanax to get me through flu season!



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