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Nov 18, 2016

Styling leather jackets for fall
Leather Jackets for Fall
Mom style fall outfits
Leather jackets and jeans
jacket: zara (old, similar here) // tee: nordstrom // jeans: nordstrom // shoes: target

-First thing my friends, happy Friday!!!! Let the holiday break begin! After the half day at school of course. Which Ace tried very very verrrrry hard to convince me last night that his teacher in fact told him he "didn't have to go to school today". I call bullshit on that one, you will go to school and put all that spelling word practice to good use my son. 

-Moving on to these jeans, they are still on sale (!!!) what what!! So if you want to spend 40 bucks wisely, then I suggest you snag them. I love this brand of denim. I mean I like a lot of brands, but if you are looking for great quality and a nice price tag, then these are them. I own three pairs of jeans from this brand and I love them all!

-On a usual week, we let our clean eating guard down for one day and have a cheat night. But with the ultimate cheat day coming up next week, we are committed to eating clean until then, but I cannot stop thinking about pumpkin cheesecake, and stuffing, and green bean casserole, and wine, and an antipasto platter!!! I drooled on my keyboard a bit. I am just so excited!

-Chris' birthday is this weekend, the big 3-0!!! He has adamantly repeated how he does not want to do anything, he doesn't want presents....blah blah blah. I was having none of that, so the kids and I have a few things up our sleeves. Ace has already told Chris that we do have presents for him, which went over as well as you can imagine. Ha! but I mean, 30 is big. I stole his entire 20's and it feels good. 

-And now I can hear my children getting up so I must end this, like five minutes ago! I hope you all have an amazing weekend. If you are traveling, be safe! If you are doing last minute turkey day shopping, be safe (don't fight that other mom for the last 12 pound turkey). 

Okay okay I'm going. See you on social media!


  1. I hope he has a wonderful 30th birthday!! I agree it is a big deal!

  2. Oh man you guys are off already!? The kids still have school Monday and Letty has a half day Tuesday. and then it's Conference time!!! Yay! But happy holiday break to you guys! And happy early birthday Chris!!! Let them celebrate you I always say!!



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