do you know a coffee lover?

Nov 29, 2016

I wasn't too much of a coffee drinker until we moved to Alaska. Three kids and no sunlight will do that to a girl. But Alaska is also where I fell in love with the taste of coffee. Not all the filler stuff. Don't get me wrong...I'll put back some creamer. But when you strip it all away, good coffee just tastes good! Whole30 also ripped away my love for creamer. I will indulge on occasion, but for now I stick to some almond milk. I am truly not the coffee connoisseur in our house though, that is Chris. If you know Chris than you know he is a go big or go home kind of guy. Once he gets fixated on something he doesn't stop until he has read all the books....bought all the things....tested all the outcomes (it can be exhausting). I have just been in the kitchen soaking it all in. I don't know all the different grinds and roasts and water temps, but I do know that I love the taste of good coffee. 
Gifts for the coffee lover!
Coffee and coffee things also make some great gifts. I know we are always sending coffee related paraphernalia to family and friends for any occasion, so I thought I would lay out some of my favorites. 

First up, the pour over stand! This is my morning cup of coffee method. I love the rich taste of a pour over! This is my favorite coffee dripper as well. 

Some mornings require a strong cup of joe, and for that I turn to the french press. I also love giving these as gifts because they just look nice as well. 

If you really have a crazy coffee person in your life, the Aeropress is a great gift! I got this for Chris a couple years ago and he used to keep it at his office to make coffee. He also takes it to the field with him because it is small and compact. It makes a nice strong cup as well! 

If you want to step up your coffee game, then a burr grinder is your best bet! Grind your whole beans for the freshest flavor, and to your brewing method of choice. This one is also very quite, which is needed in the early morning with small children that must stay asleep!

If you aren't sure what a friend or family member has going on in their coffee station at home, a box of different coffee blends is a nice holiday surprise. Blue Bottle Coffee (totally not sponsored, but Blue Bottle if you happen to see this...holla at yo girl!) happens to be Chris and I's favorite, but we live nowhere near a location. So we frequently order a blend box. We also send these out to family and friends who we know really like their coffee. 

Every coffee station needs some fabulous mugs! This is the latte set that sits next to all our coffee contraptions. I love how big these cups are! They are perfect for the mornings that you have a little more time to froth some milk, and get all fancy with it! They would also make an amazing gift....even for your own kitchen! 

And finally my favorite little coffee accessory, that light up coffee sign right there in the middle! The kids love to turn this on in the morning and pretend to make me a million cups of coffee. Get this for coffee loving BFF, thank me later!

So there you have it. My obsession with coffee laid out for you. 



  1. Kyle is all about coffee! He will drink it all day in any form, me not so much. These are great gift ideas!

  2. We have a French press and a Keurig and I have always been so intrigued by your pour over in your snaps! Maybe I need to invest in that...

  3. This stuff all makes my head spin! I'm like Uhm. Kcup? Don't tell Chris. Haha



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