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Nov 16, 2016

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Cute ways to layer for fall
Cute Mom Style
Layering stripes for fall
Fall/ Winter Outfit Ideas
striped tee: nordstrom // dress: (super old, similar here) // boots: stuart weitzman (similar here for $128)

I am ready for the weekend! Or maybe I am just ready to get to Thanksgiving! I am hosting Thanksgiving again at our house and last night I started my list, which had me really excited! I love Thanksgiving. I really don't mind spending 48 hours in the kitchen prepping and cooking it all for it to be devoured in less than an hour. My favorite part is just everyone in the kitchen during the day. And I am just ready for the holiday break as well, not just for me but for Chris and the kids. It is going to be a nice breather. Once Christmas rolls around it will be a very fast countdown to moving again, so I am going to soak this holiday up! 

It has also really started to feel like fall here in Georgia. I mean sure it still gets to the upper 70's in the afternoon, but the leaves are changing and the air is nice and crisp in the mornings. Caspian is loving life and could spend all day outside, whereas Shameless is proving to be a bit of a wuss and just whimpers and shakes the second he steps out in the morning. It is kind of funny to see this giant puppy debating at the door about how bad he really has to pee. 

Monday since Chris was off, we took the kids downtown to play on the playground down there, which allowed us to grab a coffee. The kids love to just walk around downtown. They might have more fun walking around then playing on the jungle gym. The usual things happen though, Odette kicks off her shoes and demands to be held until she sees someone walking a dog, then she must get down and greet said dog. Pierce will lose whatever small toy he has brought with him no less than five times, which means we have to retrace our steps and sometimes that leads to that small toy being in is pocket. Avalon is just happy collecting whatever she can find, and stashing it in her purse that she makes Chris carry. Rocks, sticks, leaves....it's all in there with her many nail polishes and chapsticks. Ace unfortunately missed this afternoon outing due to this thing called school. But the other kids were sure to fill him in when we picked him up, which started no fight I can assure you. 


No, fight.

None. As Avalon sits in here seat counting the rocks she collected on her downtown journey. Siblings and their devotion to each others happiness is a true thing of beauty right? 

Happy hump day! (that phrase........)


  1. I am looking forward to the holidays this year especially with having E now. I know you guys are looking forward to a much needed break!

  2. I want to come to your house for Thanksgiving, please. We don't have any plans and I'm a little bit sad about it! Our house is in boxes so hosting is out (nevermind the mold...) and all I really want to do is cook. What's a girl to do? Go to Georgia, I guess...

  3. Good god I cannot WAIT for thanksgiving break! Almost a full week with all my babies!!? Loving it.



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