Halloween Night

Nov 1, 2016

Well, my favorite day has come and gone and I must say it was very anticlimactic this year! Womp womp womp. Don't get me wrong, we still had a good time, it just all seems like a blur at this point. The Army doesn't share my love of Halloween, so Chris didn't make it home till about five minutes before the sun went down. Just enough time to snap a group shot, and then poof my children were off and more determined than ever to find candy. That left no time for Chris to transform into a Vampire with Odette and I. But you can't win every Halloween. 
By the time Chris did make it home and it was time to trick or treat, these three had already had enough. The hurry up and wait routine after school just wasn't cutting it. I tried to occupy the time with super exciting things like homework, but that didn't work. All they wanted to do was get in their costumes. And who could blame them? 

So I decided to do some mock trick or treat trials. Just to make sure they remembered their manners in the face of sugar. Now this, I wish I would have recorded. Avalon was killing me "Hi, I a princess, Snow White, I want some candy" No no Avalon, just stick with trick or treat. Pierce was up, "Trick or treat, don't touch the candy I will use the ways of the force to get it" No no Pierce, just a simple trick or treat, thank you will do. Ace's turn, "Mom, really? You just say trick or treat, why are we doing this?" 

I have no idea. Is your dad home yet?
I very much tried to prepare the kids for only a few houses that would be handing out candy. I am telling you, maybe five houses in our neighborhood were celebrating. One house actually answered the door and said "we do not condone this holiday" to which my children looked at them like....WTF? No candy? 

But those five houses that said HAPPY HALLOWEEN were heavy handed on the sugar, so it totally made up for it in my children's eyes. 

They spent about thirty minutes trick or treating and then said "let's go back to our house of terror" as Pierce put it. I posted some videos on snapchat last night of our decorations. It was scary, and "twisted" as Chris liked to put it, and it all around made me happy. We only got a few brave trick or treaters, and the last kid that came by basically won the night as I preceded to dump five pounds of candy into his bag. 

To his parents, I am deeply sorry but you understand right? I had to get rid of it. 

I had to. 

And with that the door closes on Halloween 2016. 


  1. I love this!!! The costumes turned out awesome.

  2. We didn't get a single trick or treater! I love your zombie look, minus all the scary hoopla that goes with it 🙈

  3. "We do not condone this holiday"?! What. The. F***. Because of the sugar high health reasons or the religious? Both are insanely stupid. I say this as the daughter of a super religious dietician. My parents are all anti-Halloween for religious purposes and I don't get it at all. Look, it's harmless fun. More property gets destroyed with the Superbowl and Christmas is a pagan holiday. Why take away a fun memorable kid event just because you have a stick up your arse? Sorry sorry, rant over. I love your commitment to the holiday!

  4. Oh I'm sorry that it didn't turn out like the magical night you imagined!! You should have come here. Hundreds of houses handing out the candy. Just bowls of it laying out for the taking. It's intense.



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