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Dec 1, 2016

Holiday Outfit Ideas
Holiday Outfit Ideas
Cute Holiday Accessories
Holiday Outfit Ideas
Holiday Outfits
Holiday Outfits
When it comes to holiday parties, I am always kind of torn between being festive and well....being myself. As much as I think a sparkly number, or a red dress that warrants the accompaniment of the red dress lady emoji, I always feel like I am more comfortable in black. Black may not be the ultimate Christmas color, but I mean, my favorite holiday is Halloween. However, there is something so classic about black lace. Lace is clearly the ultimate feminine piece to have in your closet, but I am always drawn to masculine pieces as well, so throwing on this vintage long line blazer is the perfect juxtaposition for me. Belting it gives it structure, and the peaking lace keeps it sexy yet totally mom friendly. 

Who knew so much thought went into a holiday outfit? 

I actually like to have a couple party ready outfits put together in my closet just incase. It never fails that Chris will give me a six hour notice to some kind of work thing, that will require me to be semi dressed up. So I thought I would share those here, just in case you want some out of the box holiday outfit inspiration. 

Here are some perfect lace dresses for all your holiday needs!


  1. So pretty, the dress and you!
    Donna, NY



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