layers in november

Nov 2, 2016

Styling white denim in fall
Layers and white denim
How to style white denim in the fall
Denim Layers
sunglasses // bag: louis vuitton

I know we all feel this way, but really, how is it November? Didn't I just move to Georgia in June? Time is just flying by, and soon enough another move will be upon us. But for now, I am left wondering......where is fall? The last couple days it has hit 90 and I half regret switching everyones closets over last week. Jumped the gun on that one. In my defense it is pretty cool in the mornings, so long sleeves don't look too crazy. 

But I am ready to embrace Georgia in the fall. I took down my Halloween decor, which truly broke my heart. I really wanted to leave the life size skeletons hanging from the windows outside. That could be considered normal right? I just don't think Halloween gets its fair shake in terms of holidays. I mean Christmas decorations ARE ALREADY OUT in stores!! And I guess eff Thanksgiving right? People would rather just skip right over that? I keep the harvest like decor in the house for good measure. 

November also means Chris' birthday is coming up and he will be 30 (!!!!!!) this year. What the hell? Which means we have been together for almost 12 years, and that just doesn't seem possible. It also means that I will be thirty in six months. Time flies when you spend your twenties procreating. I am excited for it all though. Now I will just spend the next three weeks agonizing over what to get him. 

Feel free to chime in with your ideas!! 


  1. I don't know why but I'm so in love with this outfit! You look so put together and chic. Anyway, for Danes 30th I threw a surprise party and got him a nice watch. He loved it!

  2. The 90 degree weather in the fall is not fun haha.

  3. The weather has been bananas everywhere lately I feel like! There are still tons of Halloween decorations out in our development you should have rocked those spooky things for a bit longer! And hey the 30's are a big hit in my book!



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