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Nov 6, 2016

This weekend was filled with indoor activities. The germaphobe in me has had enough. I have disinfected my house from top to bottom and I told myself I am never leaving again. Ha! Okay, on a less dramatic note, I really just wanted to give everyone in this house a chance to get over whatever virus has been holding us hostage. So we only took one short trip out of the house yesterday to feel human, and the rest of the weekend was spent indoors. I cleaned (as much as I complain about cleaning, it is therapeutic for me) and one of the things I have been meaning to do is go through all my camera memory cards and import pictures, then wipe them clean. As I was going through them I found some seasonally appropriate outfits from the past. I was like, oh I need to find that jacket, or that beanie, and what about those shoes? So I thought I'd share a little blast from the not so distant past fall outfit inspiration. 
Fall Outfit Inspiration
I love a good pair of overalls! Dress them up or dress them down, I consider them an essential! Here are some pairs that are worth your while, one, two, three
Fall Outfits
This outfit was from almost two years ago, and I am happy to report that I am still obsessed with a blush, bordeaux combo. Here are some blush jackets perfect for this year, herehere and here. Also to be noted, I kind of miss my darker hair. But then I think about the process of lifting all that color out.....
Fall Layering Outfits
I think I might just wear this exact outfit this week! Jeans are still available here, and shoes here
Cute Fall Outfits
Also love these layers! Alaska taught me to have fun with my clothing. The end game was to stay warm, but I didn't always want to bundle up in a down jacket just for the sake of that mission. So unexpected layers were my friend! 
Cute Fall Outfits
More layering options that are great! Statement jacket over a blazer! This is one of my favorite jackets, and it is still available here
Simple Fall Outfits
After I came across this picture I ran into my closet thinking....where is this tweed blazer?? I hadn't seen it during all our unpacking, and after tearing my closet apart I found it in a garment bag with a couple faux fur jackets! This vintage tweed blazer from J Crew is such a fun piece to have, and I am looking for an excuse to pull it out now.  
Cute Fall Outfits
And now I kind of want to chop my hair off again. This is the downside of going through pictures. But I love how simple this outfit is, and I wore this sweater the other day. The little details speak for themselves. The knot on the sweater, cut outs on the boots, and the ripped knees. Another outfit I might just venture out in this week. 

The rest of my weekend was spent pinning hair inspiration because now I just can't decide! 

Hope you all had a great weekend!!


  1. You look like Kate Middleton in that pink coat! Ravishing, dahhhhling! Also, cleaning is my therapy too, but the minute I win the lottery I'm getting a maid 😂

  2. You can totally pull off the shorter hair! It's a thing though, reminiscing. Especially with all those outfits to check out!



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