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Nov 16, 2016

I am no chef, but I feel like I spend most of my day in the kitchen. Whether I am cleaning it, or making a mess in it, I am in there. So the other night when I was getting my Thanksgiving recipes out, and making a list, it got me thinking about some of the gadgets in my kitchen that I truly love. Never did I think I would see the day that I would get excited over a kitchen appliance. Since Chris and I eloped we obviously didn't have a registry to fill with all the things you think you need in a kitchen. We added these things along the way, and now I am here to share them with you. 
My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets
KitchenAid Mixer: I mean a given for most people. I think I use mine more for shredding chicken than anything else, but clearly it takes the arm workout out of making cookies. Also the pasta attachment is like gold! 

KitchenAid Food Processor: I originally bought this to make baby food back in the day, but now I use it for everything. Shredding beets, slice carrots amazingly fast, making sauces. Sky is the limit, but it is a must for me around dinner time. 

Wine Decanter: This doesn't really get pulled out too often, but whenever we have guests over I love having it on the table. Chris doesn't drink, and I probably only have a glass of wine on a cheat night, or maybe to ring in a Friday night as well. But I love how it enhances the flavor of my favorite wines, not to mention it looks nice on the table. 

Electric Wine Opener: Speaking of wine, sometimes you need to get in that bottle like now. Chris bought me this wine opener as a gag gift and it is the greatest thing ever. So fast, so easy. Is it an absolute must? Clearly not. But it sure is nice to have. 

Garlic Press: We eat a lot of garlic, probably more than any person needs to eat. Hashtag Italian. But this garlic press has the slicer option as well which is a life saver. Sometimes you need those fine slices of garlic in your sauce, but who has time to sit and thinly slice 8 garlic cloves? Not this lady. 

Mandoline: This might actually be my favorite thing. We eat so many veggies. It is pretty much my first option to give the kids for snacks. They eat a ton of fruit too, but I really try and push the veggies. I find that it is easier if I mix it up. So I slice them in different ways to almost trick them (sometimes it doesn't work). This is also great for making homemade chips (cinnamon apple chips goes fast in this house), perfect for potatoes au gratin, basically great for any slicing and dicing. 

Any of these would also make great gifts!! I know I was happy receiving them, or gifting them to myself. Either way they make my kitchen craziness just a little easier. 

What are some of your kitchen must haves? Clearly this topic interests me!


  1. Your tip on using the kitchen aid mixer to shred meat has changed my life. I made pulled pork last week and so easy!

  2. Yes to all of the above products! I love how a decanter looks on any table - so classy! And I really want a mandoline...once we move I can go back to stocking my kitchen because I will have room to move 🙌🏼 as far as my favorites I would say my vitamix and spiralizer!

  3. I love using the KitchenAid to shred chicken, I use it for pulled pork too!!! :)

  4. I mean I don't cook. Just hunt and gather for breakfasts and lunches. But yes to this list!

  5. My immersion blender is a must have! Definitely my favorite kitchen gadget.



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