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Nov 21, 2016

Red-Orange Lipstick for the Holidays!
Starbucks brought out the red cups, so that means we all need to bring out the red lipstick right? Truly I am good with wearing red lipstick all year around, but it just feels special around the holidays. Like you can get away with it more, no need for a date night, or a special occasion, tis' the season! But since I am a huge fan of any and all orange, I like to use a red-orange this time of year as well. A bold red is gorgeous, don't get me wrong. But, it can come off kind of harsh with our dwindling summer kissed skin ya know? So I am so pleased with this lipstick from Topshop! Topshop, of all places!! I love their clothes and shoes, so it is no wonder I like this lipstick as well. It is the perfect red-orange lip, and we all know orange is the new black....or red? Anyway it is great and it's 10 bucks!! I know this is going to become a must have on my makeup counter. 

I have  a couple other lipsticks with this hue, and it seems to work with my skin tone. Although, I think it would be so pretty on any complexion. It is a little different than your usual idea of a holiday red, but it's a fun departure! 

Here are some good ones to choose from:


  1. I love a good red lip! I also love that necklace...I think I have it or one really similar, but that would take rummaging through boxes to confirm 👎🏻

  2. Gorgeous! That color is great on you!

  3. I recently discovered that mhm red lipstick went missing. I suspect it was my eldest. Time shall tell.

  4. I just purchased a real red it!



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