Thanksgiving, according to my iPhone

Nov 28, 2016

Well well well....Thanksgiving is over and I have mixed emotions about it all. Really, I could have gone for another week. I really just want all my kids home with me, and Chris, he can stay too. I can do without all the crappy food though. I mean, it was nice the first couple days, but after that my body gave me the finger and just stopped working. I know it sounds crazy, but trust a mama when I tell you, when you eat clean 98% of the time and then eat about eight boxes of butter you physically feel like you cannot function. So I threw out any and all leftovers Saturday night. And then I donated a huge box of leftover food that I didn't even cook with to the school food drive. I want no part of it.....until Christmas. HA!

But this break was oh so good, too good to even pull out my nice camera for a picture or two. So I am about to unleash the skills of my iPhone photo gallery on you. Your welcome, I know you come here for my superb photography skills anyway.
Photo documentation for the great grandparents is always in order! It never matters if anyone is even looking at the camera, or if three out of six people refused to put on shoes! The picture must be taken and sent to all text message recipients. 
The actual meal was so good, can I humbly brag? Because it was really really good!! I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner, I just kind of wish after two days in the kitchen, the meal would last a little longer than 15 minutes. Ya know?
This was plate one for me! I couldn't fit the sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce on it so I went back for a second plate. No regrets, but I might have made my father in law uncomfortable when I had to unbutton my pants. 
After spending so many hours in the kitchen, I decided to boycott that place till about Sunday. So one night we went out to one of Chris and I's favorite places, Meritage. When we lived here four years ago we went on a couple date nights here, and it is amazing. Not kid friendly I might add. But this time we reserved the private dining area so the kids could kind of do whatever they wanted. 
Everything that this place serves up is amazing! And their wine selection is incredible!! I over indulged in just about everything. All of us ordered our own cheese plates, and the kids devoured every last bit. 
I came specifically for the lobster risotto! And the kids enjoyed it as well. It is so good!! And I truly cannot stop thinking about it. It was nice to have my father in law at dinner with us because he is the best with the kids! Between him and Chris, I got to eat my entire meal without a child on my lap. 

Needless to say...amazing! 

And now I am counting down the school days until Christmas break!!

How was your Thanksgiving? And your whole weekend for that matter? 


  1. Oh love some grandparent time! Bet the kids just loved that! How did it go getting them off to school today? I'm worried Letty won't get out of bed! It's all over too quickly in my mind!

  2. It looks like you guys had a wonderful holiday! :) I love the photos.

  3. It was so good!! I hope you guys had a great one :)

  4. I love that everyone got their own cheese plate! We were back to salads and whole foods Sunday too. I had a headache that just would not quit and I had had ENOUGH

  5. I am with you on the food. I need to hurry up and dump the leftovers! My stomach can't handle it!



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