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Nov 22, 2016

Mom cliche....time is just flying by. But it is! How will I be popping a turkey in the oven in just 2 days? Didn't we just celebrate Pierce's birthday like yesterday? Oh wait, that was Chris'. Even worse, he is 30! 30!! I swear we were just 18 driving way too fast from Tacoma to Seattle at an ungodly hour, to do who knows what. So before even more time gets away from me, here is what is happening right now. No seriously right this very second. 

Chris is upstairs studying for a test he has tomorrow. Story of his life. He came home, had dinner, listened to the kids tell them just how crazy their day was running errands with mom, and who did what, and who said what, and who got the death stare in the store. He listened intently before locking himself in the guest room. 

Odette, Ace and Pierce are jumping from the ottoman to the couch in what they are calling "lava explosion". Odette is way too daring for her own good, and Pierce and Ace are far too encouraging. Don't worry, I have one eye on them. 

Avalon is protesting the amount of food she was given for dinner. She says it was "too much", but she asked for a bowl of grapes instead. go. Have fun staring at that broccoli though. She is normally the fastest eater, but if the boys finish before her (not that it is a race) she turns into a real fun person. YOLO girl...YOLO. 

The dogs are wrestling and it sounds more like a mosh pit of 50 people. As much as I want to stop it, I need it to happen if I want Shameless to sleep through the night. Speaking of Shameless he is everything I have ever wanted, which ultimately means he is high maintenance as well. He is in the thick of "growing pains" also known as panoseitis. It's very common with Great Danes, and I am actually pretty used to seeing it with horses. But I still feel so bad for him when his legs stiffen up on him. He still gets the homemade food, although we have tweaked it a bit for him, and added in some joint goodness to help him through this. My biggest little baby. He is six months old, 96 pounds and  29 inches tall. Also known as a miniature pony. Caspian is like an ox, the dog could eat a tire and feel fine. Nothing seems to phase him. 

I think after todays errands I am all set for Thanksgiving and beyond! I am determined to utilize Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. I say that every year. But this year I am really going to get Christmas shopping done, well maybe not done, but I want to put a dent in it. And who am I kidding here? I have my eye on a thing or ten, but we shall see what the shopping gods dish out. I am being pretty specific with kids toys this year, I am just done with shit toys. I feel like the playroom is filled with them. I could go on about this subject I am on the hunt. I gave Chris the heads up that I will be posted up with a large plate of leftovers and the computer, only to be bothered if someone is bleeding from the head. 

May not be mom of the year, but I have my eye on shopper of the year! 



  1. Hahaha I loved this post! I am determined to make the most of Black Friday too. By that I mean, everyone's gifts need to be shipped by 12/1 or they aren't getting anything because I've got a moving truck to pack. Poor Shameless :( I didn't know he was going through that...sounds terrible! You keep eating tires Caspian 😂😂😂

  2. I absolutely LOVE your donut cake. I totally want one!

  3. "Mothers Against Shit Toys": MAST? Sounds like a breastfeeding problem. Anyway, I'm with you on the shit toys. I hate them. And if they aren't intensely loved, I try to sneak them out in donation boxes. When you find good toys, please blog about them. I'm always looking for wish list ideas for grandparents (who, unless given specific instructions, will otherwise procure the shit toys)

  4. I love the donut cake! Such a great alternative. :)

  5. Haha whatever works! And to get the shopping done I'd say it is totally worth it! This is why I do mine so early though. I want it DONE.



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