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Dec 23, 2016

Fall/Winter Outfits
Well happy Friday! Where oh where did this week go? I'll tell you where it went, to Target about three times. I feel nowhere near ready for the actual Christmas extravaganza, but that is what Christmas Eve is for right? Chris and I will for sure be pulling an all nighter, simply because there is just nowhere to hide the big things that we have to put together, had we put them together this week. Ya feel me? I am sure I will snapchat it all...how could I not?
Casual chic ways to layer a leather jacket
Cute and simple fall outfits
I am loving simple layers lately, and this leather jacket that I got last year is so soft! It is available again here, and here

I have kind of gifted myself a few things this week...I know...I know...so bad. But sometimes you just have to treat yourself as well. This bag showed up yesterday and I am so obsessed, I got the bigger version but it is now sold out. There isn't too much of a size difference though. I also got this cream, and the smell is amazing! I am such a freak about moisture and soft skin, so the reviews on this one sound pretty good. And I wanted a new winter scent, and after using up a sample I had from this perfume, I had to pull the plug and get the full size. It's fresh and light and Ace told me I "smell so good". 
Leather jacket and plaid shirts
Leather jackets and denim outfits
All of my children woke up yesterday with some gnarly coughing/hacking, stuffy nose, fevering thing. It was very sad. It didn't slow any of them down, but I am hoping it goes by fast. Caspian was rushed to the vet yesterday as well, which is always a not so fun experience with him because he is very big and very protective which people do not expect from a lab so they get startled and confused. For me I just feel very reassured that he is a great guard dog, and also a big teddy bear at home. 

I have been really taking advantage of Chris being home, as in, pretending to sleep in just so I can read a few chapters in a book. Or laying on the couch in the middle of the day while he takes on all the children in a light saber battle in the backyard. Or waiting until about four thirty to say "so what do we feel like for dinner?" knowing he will probably say "I'll run out and pick up steaks to grill". Next week he is off as well, so I am thinking I may step up my parenting game a notch or two. But don't hold me to that ;)

And now I must go sit on the couch.... winter break 4 life! 


  1. God the sick. No sick please! But at least if it's happening at least Chris is there with you! Merry Christmas to you and yours! And soak up this break!!

  2. Ugh the sickness is everywhere, it's crazy!!! So glad Chris is off to help out with it all.



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