8 million Christmas lights

Dec 22, 2016

The Christmas spirit was strong in this house on Monday night! Actually this was something I had been waiting for since we moved back to Georgia, the Fantasy in Lights! We came here four years ago with an almost two year old Ace, and a little three month old Pierce. It was the first time Ace had gone to see Santa, and it was truly magical. So I couldn't wait to be back and have the opportunity to bring all four kids! 
The thought of meeting Santa had us all pretty excited! On the drive up, the kids rehearsed what they were going to ask Santa for, and Chris and I made weird faces at each other as we took mental notes on all the things we didn't buy that they were rambling off. Hopefully the sight of wrapped boxes will give them amnesia. 
We started at Santa's workshop for a little shopping, and to get tickets for the lights, and to see Santa. There were tons of toys and cute Christmas decor. To my surprise the kids were actually not phased by all the toys being dangled in their faces. Chris and I were fully prepared to pay for some over the priced trinkets just to make the night run smoothly, but our kids like to keep us on our toes. 
Well, I take that back.....Odette walked away with this stuffed animal. But I mean, it could have been worse. 
We jumped in line for the big guy as soon as we saw it die down a bit, and it was a get in and get out kind of thing. Pierce told Santa that "he was good and bad this year, but that's okay for toys still right?" Santa said yes. Thanks a lot Santa. Kidding, Pierce for sure made it on the crazy nice list. Ace very much questioned who this Santa was and had his doubts about his legitimacy. 
Truly it was hard to concentrate in the workshop because we had to walk past all the food trucks to get there! The kids kept asking for "one of those huge donuts", and I mean who wouldn't? So we made our way to the food and loaded up on donuts, kettle corn, funnel cake, and hot chocolate. After we all felt like we were going to throw up we headed to the car to get in line for the light show. 
If you live in the Columbus area, or even in Atlanta, this is worth the drive! You can jump on the trolley, or drive your own car through the miles and miles of Christmas lights. We choose to drive again this year, which was a great thing because Odette fell asleep. But it is really spectacular!
I think there were twelve different themes, all set to music. The kids had so much fun!! And it was so amazing to look back and see their little heads hanging out the windows with the biggest smiles on their faces. 

We didn't anticipate being there so long, but you can't put a time limit on these kinds of things can you? Well maybe smart parents would. We got home around 10:30 and tried to make four successful car to bed transfers. Two out of two isn't bad I guess. 
But we did score that pic with Santa!! 

And Chris and I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that this year with four kids was a thousand times easier than four years ago with a toddler Ace and a baby Pierce who slept the whole time! 

Or maybe we are numb to the crazy. That's probably it. 


  1. I loved living through this via Snapchat! What a cool place 🙌🏼

  2. SO fun! I love all of the lights!

  3. I too did not get what Letty has been asking santa for recently. Which is my fault since I make my puraches in October. Oh well. This looks right up my ally though! Love it!



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