a look back: 2016

Dec 30, 2016

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I don't really know if I would say that this year just flew by....I kind of feel like we packed a lot in. But also I think in our stage of life I am always looking forward to one thing ending, and another one beginning. Like, we just have to make it through this next school, or move, or separation, and then things will calm down. But that is never really the case as long as we still call ourselves a military family. 2016 started in Alaska and ended in Georgia and I don't think I would have asked for a better outcome. 
We miss Alaska so much! Particularly all the things we were able to do and see in just a weekend. I feel like we have become a little less active since moving. But maybe we needed a slower pace, who knows. 
By far my favorite part of the year was our road trip! It was crazy with six people and a dog in a minivan, but we still laugh about all the crazy situations we ended up in, the places we saw, the brink of insanity we came dangerously close to.
My favorite destination was Lake Louise in Banff, BC. I could have spent weeks there exploring the national parks, hiking, and taking pictures. Definitely a place we want to go back too. 
I learned some new things about Chris on our road trip. His obsession with trees. Touching trees, hugging trees, just the need to stand near trees. He also has a deep knowledge of animal migration patterns that I never knew about!? 
Looking back on the year through pictures on this blog makes me forever grateful that I have this little space. Watching the kids grow and change. A digital catalog of personal style, and growth. And MOTHERHOOD! 
Goodbye 2016...Hello bright and shiny 2017!

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  1. My favorite posts of yours this year are hands down the road trip arsenal of posts. Cheers to even better things in 2017 for you and your family!

  2. Oh love this! What a year though! You sure have had a good one. You and your tree hugging husband.

  3. It's been 3 years and we still miss Alaska. I totally agree with feeling less active. Getting outside and being active just came so naturally in Alaska. Not so much in Toronto lol Cheers to 2017!

  4. I love this post so much! What a year!



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