After Christmas Sales!!

Dec 26, 2016

I know I know....the last thing you even want to see is another online confirmation order in your inbox. Or even one more box delivered to your front door. I feel the same way! Or I did until about 2:30 in the morning when I was up with my littlest babe who just cannot seem to kick this cold. So I began to click on all those sale emails, and man (!!!!) there is some good stuff on sale right now. I am blaming the Zara, Nordstrom, and H&M orders on the sleep deprivation.....and Santa. 

More Sales:
Asos up to 50% off sale
Banana Republic up to 60% off sale 
Forever 21 30% off sale
Gap up to 60% off
Old Navy 60% off site wide 

I hope everyone is having a relaxing holiday, I am sure I will be back sooner rather than later to bombard you a photo reenactment of our Christmas! Get excited. 


  1. Anthro is also killing it with 30 or 40 off their sale!

  2. Why is it over so soon! I need retail therapy!



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