Christmas Rewind

Dec 26, 2016

Christmas 2016 you came in like a wrecking ball....and then you were gone. I will tell you, this year I really learned my lesson on procrastinating. Even when I thought I was on top of things, some things are out of my control. Like a very large toy order that I placed that was scheduled to be delivered on the 23rd, I paid two day shipping with the guarantee of it being delivered on that date. But that date came and went, and then I spent many hours on the phone telling people that they are not helping me play Santa very well (then add in a bunch of bad words). I went through a hell of a lot of customer service reps, managers, and minutes on hold with no guarantee that my order would be delivered, but I did get a full refund and got to keep the toys when they were delivered. BOOM. So I panicked and ran out to buy more toys!!! God forbid there aren't more toys in this house. 
But then, by a late night Christmas miracle there was a knock on the door and boxes magically appeared. And then I cursed the fact that I spent more money on toys. I decided to save a most of those for random occasions, and Ace's birthday in a couple weeks. 

Then Chris and I got down to business putting together some large items. I will say that the building of the basketball hoop inside the house was my idea. Chris thought I was crazy/amazing/insane and he went along with it. 
The kids actually slept in till almost eight which was such a blessing! And they were immediately beside themselves when they saw the basketball hoop. I think it might have been an overkill for Ace, he was trying to go through the logistics of it all and it wasn't adding up for him. "So Santa had this in his sleigh?" "But wait, he went into our garage and got those blocks to hold it down?" (oops). 
After the kids ripped through all my hours of wrapping in record timing, we moved on to our favorite Christmas tradition, vanilla french toast! Oh my very favorite!! 
The dogs might have indulged a little too....
Then of course after some playtime, showers, and finally getting our of our pajamas, it was back to the kitchen for some more food. Then we facedtimed with family, and took a few photos before the kids begged to get back into their Christmas pajamas. 
It all happened so quickly! It's amazing how as a kid you just don't see all the behind the scenes, even though it is going on right in front of you. And I only have my little family to plan for. Growing up we had so many different Christmas' all perfectly timed throughout two days, choreographed to perfection. Huge family gatherings, and a stocking for each person, a secret Santa round or two, and then the food! It was always a little crazy since we split the holidays between my moms house and my dads, my parents shuffling kids and presents every which way. It just makes me ever so grateful, and I hope I can always make it magical (even with my semi-domestic and non-pinteresty nature) for my kids too. 

So long Christmas 2016....your decor days are numbered. 


  1. I loved seeing the photos of how excited the kids were for their stuff. Those ponies for the girls are fantastic!!

  2. You will forever cherish the manic days of childhood Christmas!

  3. Even I feel like it went by too fast and I started my stuff in October!!! You pretty much got your kids the coolest gifts so. Hats off to you!!

  4. It looks like they had a wonderful Christmas!!!

  5. Looks like you all had a great Christmas! You got some wonderful gifts and gave me ideas for the future!



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