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Dec 6, 2016

Alternate titles were:

I like wooden toys
Toys my kids and I mutually agree on
Toys that don't suck
I hate cleaning up toys, but these are okay
Maybe I refuse to put up a Christmas tree because the thought of more toys entering this house makes me nauseous

That last one was my favorite, but a little long. 

If you follow me on snapchat than you have seen my hate/hate relationship with our playroom. There is no shortage of toys in there, and some have proven to be great, and others have won a coveted ticket in the trashcan. When Christmas rolls around it is always a struggle between picking all the animated toys that they like (which we all know will break), picking things Chris and I think are cool (could also read: things Chris wants to play with), and picking toys that will last and actually peak their interest in six weeks. I thought I'd share some toys that have stood the test of time in our house, and some that I have ordered for Christmas. 
Gift Guide For The Kids 2016
Train table- we got this for the boys four years ago, and it is still played with every single day. The girls love to play with it too. Here is my piece of advice though. Glue the pieces to the table! I wanted to do this when we were putting it together but Chris talked me out of it since we move all the time and it would be a hassle to have the movers pack it. I STILL wish I would have just done it anyway. It never fails that I will spend 45 minutes putting all the train tracks together, finding every bridge, every sign and tree and whatever, then I will listen as my hard work is being destroyed and some child is flopping on the ground like a fish out of water because the whole thing is coming apart. But still, a great buy!

Play kitchen- another toy that is played with on the daily. Another piece of advice, don't wait till the last minute to put this together!! Trust me! The girls absolutely love this thing. They love this shopping cart even more!

Rocket tent- we have the older version of this tent in the boys room, but this one looks even better! I think it would make a great addition to any playroom. The material is very sturdy, we have yet to see a rip in three years, and my children are anything but gentle. They also have many options for girls and boys.

Wooden tool set- this one will be under the tree this year. Ace has been wanting a tool set, and his little plastic one that we got a couple years ago, rest in peace! I love that this one comes in a wooden carrying case as well.

PlasmaCar- another crowd favorite in this house! We have three of these, and Odette will be getting her own from Santa. They are just the best! My kids goes flying around the house on these, and I'd be lying if I said Chris and I didn't jump on them as well. Great buy!!

Art Set- this is another one for Ace, don't worry my other kids will get presents, maybe. But Ace is getting to the age where he really takes pride in "his" things, and he is really into art right now. So I thought a little set of his own would be nice. Not to mention this got great reviews and it is at a great price!

Ride On Horse- Avalon is obsessed with horses, it truly makes me so happy! She is still a little bit too  young for me to start teaching her how to ride, but she hangs out on my saddles in the garage far too often, so I thought this cute little horse would be great for her. Not to mention it is PINK! Which is her number one criteria with everything.

Wooden Workbench- add this to the list of toys I wish we would have bought. We got a workbench for the boys a few years ago, and it just never gets played with, simply because they can't actually "work" on it. This one is more like Chris' in the garage which I feel like the boys would have liked a lot more.

So there you have it! Please share some of the things your kids really love, or that you think are great.  I am not above ordering Christmas toys the week of Christmas!


  1. These are all really neat toys!

  2. Oh my god a train table yes! And the kitchen! We are going on like four years of solid play with those two!!

  3. A family I nanny-ed for had a Plasma car and I always thought it was the coolest thing.



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