His & Hers

Dec 11, 2016

The way I see it, there is still plenty of time for Christmas presents to be bought! I mean I am sure many of you are done with your shopping, and to that I say...good job! But I like to keep the suspense building in this house. It usually comes down to Chris and I just ordering gifts online and then giving them to each other before the big day even arrives. Call it our own little tradition. Which has actually paid off come the chaos of Christmas morning. I mean....have you ever told four kids to wait for batteries to be put in their brand new toys? It doesn't go over very well....

So I thought I would throw out Chris and I's actual Christmas lists. Some of these things we already own, but they are worth being mentioned, and others have been put into online carts....maybe (if you're reading this Chris). 




  1. Dane is obsessed with the Art of Shaving stuff! He uses the set that comes in yellow, but YES! And those Nikes look so comfy, as does the bralette and sleep set. Sign me up for one of everything please!

  2. These are great lists! Kyle and I don't give each other gifts anymore since we buy what we want throughout the year haha.

    1. Ha! Chris and I are the same way, so Christmas is like a little sprinkle on top ;)

  3. You guys are like the coolest couple around. For real. At least you get gifts!'



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