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Dec 13, 2016

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Simple fall outfits- jackets
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jacket: zara // turtleneck: j crew// jeans: nordstrom // boots: micheal kors (no longer available, love these!!)

At some time in my career of math classes, which I was never good at, a teacher or maybe it was a college professor uttered the words....."work smarter not harder". I never applied that to my math homework. I do however live my day to day life like that! Especially when parenting. I mean, don't get me wrong I feel like I work pretty hard on an every other day basis. But sometimes I plan these really great things in my head and I am just dying inside for the kids to see what I have come up with, and then they look at me like? Really mom? Did you run this by dad? There is no way he signed off on this. 

Is that just me?

Well this weekend, I decided to throw my plans of taking the kids to some Christmas event that was sure to be full of people and candy canes and whatever other holiday goodness. I think it would have been great, but really I would just be running around trying to get pictures to say we went. So Saturday morning we woke up to some chilly temps, the kids and the dogs all piled in my bed and we just laughed and waited to see if my bed plummeted to the ground. Then I told the kids I would make them Nutella hot chocolate to warm their little bodies up. The joy and surprise in their faces was great. Ace said "but mom that has sugar" Ha! That is the benefit of depriving your children of delicious tasting food. When you do pull it out, you basically win at parenting. For five minute until you have to break up a fight. 

Or you pull out trash bags and tell your children that they must go through all their toys and fill their bags with things to donate. Maybe I do this for my benefit, selfishly, because we all know how much I do not like the amount of toys in this house. But I do try and stress to the kids that they need to give back, which made me so happy to see them adding toys to the bags that I know they like. I would ask them, "you're sure about that one?" and Pierce said "yea, I have too many Spider Man toys". It didn't take but 20 minutes of all six of us in the playroom to get it done. And it felt so good (at least for me). 

Then I suggested we all go to the movies. 

Pierce said ""wow mom is in a good mood today huh dad!"

Short lived I can assure you. 


  1. I love that you instill in them that giving back is important! :)

  2. Wow you really were winning at parenting! Mom of the year award! And this post title made me think of Deadpool.

  3. You look like a smokeshow in that green blazer! Two additional things: 1. I love that you are teaching them to give back/pay it forward and 2. That you don't dole out sugar like underwear. hats off to you!

  4. So question, when did you get the kids involved in getting rid of toys. My oldest is 3.5 and I admit I still do it on the super-sly behind-his-back-at-night which totally makes me a horrible mom but he hasn't noticed yet so I figure there can't be too much emotional trauma about it.



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