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Dec 14, 2016

The time has come, the mother said, to do some christmas things. Or maybe in my head it was like....I have put this off long enough, what ever will my children think of me if a tree does not appear in this house soon. Well, the stars aligned and there is now a Christmas tree bringing happiness into this house. Of course picking out a tree came with it's fair share of comedy.
Christmas Trees
Last year, we had so much fun cutting down our own tree and the kids wanted to do it again this year. But sadly, I was the fun sponge as I usually am and put that idea to rest. All the tree farms are a ways north of us, and I just didn't want to leave the dogs that long. Caspian probably would have been fine, but Shameless has attachment issues, or as Chris would put it "you spoil that damn dog". 
So we headed to the Christmas tree lot. We walked around looking at trees, and of course every child had a favorite, except Pierce. Pierce was wandering to the back of the tree lot. Then I hear "hey mom I have to pee." Immediately I looked at Chris and said "hurry...grab him before he gets arrested for public indecency!" Pierce is my wild card. Chris got to him in time, don't worry. We redirected my nude enthusiast to a port-a-potty on the lot, which he said "no way! I'll just pee outside. I'm not going in there." Can you tell he was raised by a germaphobe mother? Chris gave him the old, pee your pants pep talk and in he went. You could hear him across the lot saying, "okay it smells in here", "someone needs to clean this place", "wait I don't flush?", "I'm just coming out this stinks". Sure enough the boy darts out of there pants around his ankles holding his nose! We were dying. Chris might have been mildly embarrassed. I was just flat out laughing. 
We continued our search for "the perfect tree". Really we were just waiting to get the majority of the family near one single tree and then that is the one that came home with us. 
Christmas Trees
Once we got home I pulled the ultimate mom card and said, how about we keep it super simple this year and do some white lights and gold bulbs? Chris gave me the guilt trip about how kids want the colorful lights and all the different colored bulbs. Judging by the picture above....guess we know who won. 

I did make a compromise and put colorful lights in the kids' rooms...aaaand told them they could keep them up long after Christmas. 

O Christmas tree. I'm glad you are here!


  1. I love your tree! It's beautiful!

  2. haha! your tree looks amazing, good decision!

  3. Lucky for you long after Christmas probably means a move is in order so really who won here? And my god the porta potty! Hysterical.



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