Our Family Christmas Cards

Dec 16, 2016

Oh the evolution of a family Christmas card. The planning, the outfits, the location. Well this year it seemed like nothing went right. I found a location that I wanted, and a photographer, and I had outfits all planned out. Then the weather on the weekend we planned for was a no go. Rain, and more rain. We tried to reschedule but no one could get on the same page. Then the outfits I had for the boys got delivered to the wrong post office which delayed their delivery to my house by four days. Four days too late for pictures. I mean clearly we were pushing the "be there by Christmas deadline". And I know I know, all you wonderful planners out there had your Christmas cards signed and sealed on Labor Day. 

Not this lady!
Christmas Cards
Everyone in our house was just sick of hearing about Christmas cards. And so was I. So I threw some outfits together, told everyone to get in the backyard, and give me five minutes of their time. 

Done and done. 

This year I decided to do something a little different on the sending of the cards. I of course wanted a physical card to send to family and close friends, but I also wanted to send an e-card as well. I used Paperless Post to design and send our digital Christmas cards. We have so many friends that are in the process of moving, traveling for the holidays, and especially for the international students that became such good friends from Chris' class that have already gone home. I wanted everyone to have something. 
Christmas Cards
Paperless Post makes it so easy to create your cards, and customize every little detail along the way. Then you have the option to email them, or get them printed. Or all of the above! I wanted something so simple, but they have so many cute cards to choose from! 

And because you know we are not a serious bunch.......

And if you really just cannot get enough of our family, here are some past Christmas photos (right here, and oh here too!) that just so happen to make it on a card or twenty!

Merry countdown to Christmas!! 

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  1. Hahahahaha the last photo of you trying to wrangle and kid or dog is awesome! 😂

  2. The pictures came out really great!
    Donna, NY

  3. I love how it turned out!!! :)

  4. You guys did a bang up job! Seriously. Love it!!



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