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Dec 7, 2016

 Holiday Outfits- Sequin Pants
Holiday Outfit Ideas
Cute way to style sequin pants
Holiday Outfit Ideas
Sequin Pants Outfits
Cute Holiday Outfits
Moving right along on my quest to have holiday ready outfits! This one is my low key, I need to be comfortable, but my pants say what up Santa? Actually I am wearing this one to Ace's Christmas breakfast at school. I plan on partaking in the french toast eating. Not to mention, sequin pants are just so fun. I find them very much appropriate for the holidays, and why not take them right on into New Years? 

I dressed them down with a comfy sweater, and added a pop of color for my heels. Yellow isn't exactly a Christmas color, but I wanted to stay in the same color family to tie everything together. You could just as easily throw on a red shoe and really make a holiday statement! Or even a red lip would be so pretty with this for a night out. I think I will keep it all neutral, no one needs to much glam at 8 am, right? 

Here are some more sequin pant options:


  1. Okay these pants have been on my list FOREVER! I love them

  2. I have to ask, do you ever get weird looks or comments from the other yoga-pant cult mothers? I'm sure you don't give a damn what they think (and you shouldn't since you always look awesome) but I'm always curious if anyone has the nerve to comment

  3. Oh my god if I wore those pants to a breakfast here people would staaaaaare. Haha they are so fun and festive though!



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