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Dec 2, 2016

Varsity Bomber Jackets
Fall Outfit Ideas
How to style a varsity jacket this fall
Varsity jackets for fall
Varsity Bomber Jackets are BACK!
varsity jacket: old (I will link several below) // shirt: j crew // jeans: j crew // hat: nordstrom
shoes: steven by steve madden // sunglasses: ray-ban 

Oh I am so excited it is Friday!!! This week was a little loco, particularly the part where I had to take three kids to the DMV, not once, but TWICE! A miscommunication between Chris and I and who was renewing our tags from Alaska since that is still our state of residency, but then I was 24 hours away from my tags expiring, and the panic set it. Then I had no black printer ink to print off my new insurance card, so it printed in pink which was so cute. The lady at the DMV thought it was particularly funny that I have an Arizona license, Alaska is considered my home state, and I now have temporary Georgia tags. Hashtag Army wife. 

But my life would be nothing if I didn't have the chaos I have created. 

I am counting down the schools days till Christmas break, nine and a half left to be exact! Not that I have done any kind of decorating around here. My children are like "mom doesn't Christmas come after Thanksgiving?" Uhh....what? This weekend...this weekend I will pull out a wreath, promise. 

In other news, there are still some great sales going on. J Crew Factory is doing 40% off clearance items, and there is some really cute kids stuff!! J Crew is doing 30% off your purchase as well!! Gap is doing 40% your purchase this weekend, and the Christmas pajamas are a must. I scored some on Black Friday for the kids and they are so cute!! Also, Anthropologie is doing 40% off sale items! 

We have been back to whole30 this whole week but my cravings are SO BAD!!! I want pizza, queso, raviolis.....basically anything with cheese! So to kind of trick my mind a little bit I am going to make this buffalo chicken dip today, with these sweet potato fries and dip. It is nowhere near pizza, but besides the cravings, I am feeling good this week. So the clean eating train continues! 

I kind of forgot how great fall/winter in the South is. I was so used to dreading winter in Alaska, although beautiful, it is just so damn cold. But here I am like...a light jacket? Just a sweater! Even open toed shoes are still a go! I seriously love it. And I laugh every morning at drop off when I see these kids walking in with hats and gloves. The teachers must think I am a real witch because my kids jump out in a sweatshirt. Ace still asks to wear shorts.....

Which brings me to varsity jackets! I love them!! I bought this one a few years ago, and I am so happy to see them popping up again this year. Truth be told, I still have my letterman's jacket from high school, and either I shrunk or no one told me my jacket was three sizes too big. Was that a thing? I can't remember. 


  1. Stop with the buffalo chicken dip talk...ill be in my kitchen making it before long 😩

  2. Oh the week after a break is killer! I can't believe there's only 9.5 days till break! That's crazy!



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