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Dec 5, 2016

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leopard coat here, here, and here // denim shirt // jeans: old // shoes: zara 

You guys, these two little days know as Saturday and Sunday just go by too fast. Too fast I tell ya! Ever since we moved to Georgia it has kind of been an unwritten ritual that Saturday is just our recovery day. We do a whole lot of nothing. We sleep in. Or well, I definitely sleep in. Chris still gets up much too early for my liking to go for a run, but it is considered sleeping in for him I guess. The kids take their time waking up and making their way downstairs to place their breakfast orders, and then I feel like I am making 100 different dishes before 11am. But it is always so funny to watch the kids running around in the morning. The dogs chasing after them, things getting knocked over by the weight barreling around every corner. It sounds completely chaotic and destructive, and it is. But also so fun to watch. My mom would never have allowed us to run through the house with our dogs, jumping over couches, people getting knocked down, cushions flying through the air. She was a smart lady. My standards have lowered significantly. But the fun level is heightened. 

Other than that, we left the house twice. Once was a diaper and wipe run, so does that really count? 

OH! But get this, I did rummage through the garage and found a Christmas wreath AND I placed that wreath on the front door. No set date on an actual tree making it into the house though. You can feel bad for my children, it's fine. 

What I lack in speedy Christmas decorating, I make up for in near death experiences like running with two hundred pound animals on hardwood floor. 

But I do it wearing leopard! 


  1. I just picture all the kids and Caspian doing laps, then here comes Shameless and he's knocking into walls and one tiny bump from him sends the whole entire table flying. 😂😂

  2. As an Alaskan, I'm very jealous of your weekend outfit and the fact that it doesn't involve a parka. Loving that jacket!

  3. I am loving that jacket! Yay for getting some Christmas decor out.

  4. Haha oh my! Whatever works right!? Even if it's a Christmas wreath alone!



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