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Jan 31, 2016

Plaid poncho from PinkBlush
Plaid Poncho Outfit
Poncho outfit ideas
Winter outfits- ponchos
Mom style- PinkBlush
Winter Outfits- Alaska Style Blogger
poncho: pink blush c/o // leather pants: zara // shoes: zara 

Well hello Monday! The weekend really just flew by this time around. We spent the majority of it running around, which is pretty normal. But it seems like everyone in this house had some kind of errand with their name on it. Slightly exhausting. And the kids were falling asleep at weird times and were then up until weird times. Eat, sleep, repeat. 

Hashtag momlife. 

Speaking of mom life! Allow me the great pleasure of introducing you to PinkBlush. An online boutique for all stages of mom life. Seriously I am kicking myself that I did not find this shop while I was pregnant. Fifth times a maternity wardrobe charm, right? 

Anyway, these are the cutest clothes for that growing bump....and beyond. Way beyond. I looked through pages and pages of clothes and filled my cart to the point of insanity. But one of the first things I fell in love with was this plaid poncho! Seriously, the perfect piece. And an even more perfect nursing cover! Which to me is important because I always forget one, and never seem to have a blanket. It would absolutely work for all stages of pregnancy though. And life after. 

So gestating ladies, jump on over there and fulfill those clothing cravings. And all my ladies currently not peeing every three and a half minutes, you go over there too and find that special item. But before you go, PinkBlush is giving away a $50 gift card. So rafflecopter it up! 

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How do you take your coffee?

Jan 29, 2016

It is kind of hard to imagine what I did before coffee. I actually didn't start drinking coffee until Ace was about five months old. I didn't know what exhausted was until about that time. Chris has a huge love for coffee. He is like a mad scientist with all his caffeine inducing gadgets. I know nothing about temperatures, or ounces per whatever, I just know what I like based on taste. 

I often think about that wonderful morning cup of coffee before I go to bed. Or like days that looked like Wednesday where I thought I lived on a different planet and my children's minds were taken over my demon aliens. Ace threw the biggest fit before school. Pierce at some point in the day forgot how to wipe his own butt and well, it wasn't pretty. Avalon also took it upon herself to dispose of her own diaper at some time and the thought of telling me was too big a burden until she peed on the floor. All while Odette is getting her top teeth and nothing in this world makes her more happy than crying and whining and throwing herself on the floor. In all the chaos Caspian had his own batch of shit brewing, literal shit, and forgot all potty training cues to let me know he needed to go outside. Or maybe he displayed them, I was just too busy cleaning up everyone else's bodily mishaps. Only Wednesday will truly know the answers. 

But on that day I enjoyed my morning cup, followed by an afternoon coffee run and post office pick up, and then a five o'clock survival cup to make it to bedtime. Chris was also in the field the last three days, so coffee was the only thing keeping me warm. Other than the scathing play by play texts I was sending  him (not that he even read them) that warmed my cold heart. 

That whole damn story brings me back to my original point which was, over the weekend we went to one of our favorite local coffee shops. I volunteered to go in since there is always a good size line. As I was waiting I just listened to people's coffee orders. Some, so specific down to the temp and size of the grinds. People not so sure of what they wanted that day. Some questioning their very existence as they stood baffled at the menu options.  Other's just wanted a soothing cup so they could read in the corner. For me it was simple that day, 12 oz americano please. 

My drink of choice is much different when not on whole30. I usually go for the good stuff, a white mocha. And man do I miss creamer right about now. But I have come to appreciate the actual taste of coffee, and not just the added sugar.

It was just interesting to listen to, totally reminds me of that scene from You've Got Mail (also my favorite movie) “The whole purpose of places like Starbucks is for people with no decision-making ability whatsoever to make six decisions just to buy one cup of coffee. Short, tall, light, dark, caf, decaf, low-fat, non-fat, etc. So people who don't know what the hell they're doing or who on earth they are can, for only $2.95, get not just a cup of coffee but an absolutely defining sense of self: Tall. Decaf. Cappuccino." - Joe Fox”

If only my Starbucks order were 2.95..........

So, let me hear it, what is your coffee order?

faux fur for life

Jan 28, 2016

 Nordstrom faux fur vest
Winter outfit ideas- faux fur vests
Winter Style- Alaska fashion
Street style outfits
Mom style inspiration
faux fur vest: nordstrom (on sale now!) // sweater: forever 21 (old) // jeans: blank denim
shoes: zara (sold out, almost identical here

Serisously, can't believe it is almost February. Which in the weather department in Alaska means nothing, it looks a hell of a lot like January. So I will still be rockin my faux fur for months to come. But I dream of spring! Spring in Alaska happens so fast, you blink and everything around you is green and there are endless hours of light to play in. Sadly, this year we will only experience the very beginning stages of spring. Which then brings me to my next closet I dare start shopping for a warmer weather wardrobe? Like, Kelsey don't buy another damn sweater. 

Ace has already requested I buy him no more long sleeve shirts. He wants short sleeves, and even asked if he could stop wearing snow boots yet. What can I say? He kind of takes after his mother in the whole......practical footwear is for the birds department. It is probably daily that I make the wrong footwear choice. Case in point, this outfit. We were on our way to a birthday party at a ski chalet that was rented, and I fully did not anticipate the sidewalk not be shoveled. High maintenance I tell ya. 

At least I didn't fall.....

what i'm buying from target, online.

Jan 27, 2016

I will be the first to tell you that I am an impulse buyer, and I mean, who isn't at Target? Did you really need that sweater for 30% off? Probably not. Another mug with the hashtag of something? Nope. The dollar section, bullshit, that is the 20 dollar section by the time I get myself and my kids out of there. BUT! Living in Alaska has given me a new found patience when it come to items that I genuinely want. You see, up here in Alaska the prices at Target are higher. And the lovely customer service desk will price match the item online, but have you ever stood in line to do that with four kids? It takes years off your life, let me tell you. So the next best thing is to go home, pile up your online shopping cart, use your RedCard, and smile at that free shipping!
What to buy from Target, online!
Not to mention, but our Target doesn't have everything that your Target has. Or, we end up getting that fun stuff like a month later. Also! There are online exclusives, so you know, I have to just continue to put my UPS guys life at risk as he ice skates to my front door carrying boxes. So here are some things that I have recently ordered online. 

one, two, three- Burt's Bees kids clothing! Most of this stuff is online exclusives, I have found maybe one or two pieces actually in a store. But, they are worth it to order! Odette lived in all the newborn stuff, and the quality is amazing!!!! The same goes for the boys, although they have a pretty limited section, I did pick up eight and nine for the boys. 

four- this bowl. I saw it in store for way more than online, and I just about paid the sticker price, but was like, no. No no no, that bad boy can be shipped. If you follow me on snapchat (kelsey_pardonmf) then you know I have a real obsession with displaying my fruits and veggies. If we can see them, we are more apt to eat them! This goes for number six as well. Welcome to my kitchen lovelies! 

five- can you have too many baskets? Not in this house. I swear there are like four baskets in every room. Filled with what? I DON'T KNOW. But I keep buying baskets. This one I am thinking will go near the front door for the kids' shoes. 

seven- I am so obsessed with these lanterns. I have stalked them at my local Target for weeks. But they only seem to put one out. I wanted two. I asked if they had another in the back, which prompted them to bring out a large one, which is LARGE! I needed two small ones, even though they really aren't that small. 

ten- please tell me someone has tried this Pixi glow toner? This is the shit right here, and I don't even believe in using a toner. Truth is, this is the first one I have ever used. And will probably be the last. I read so many reviews on this glowing magic, and went out to search for it. Three Target's in Alaska, and three Target's that didn't have it. Online to the rescue!

eleven- I think I mentioned this mask somewhere on this blog, or maybe on snapchat. Who knows. But, it is wonderful!! You sleep in it, but basically it is a moisturizer you wash off in the morning. It is awesome! Like really awesome! Look for it at your Target, or just to be safe, get it online. 

under the radar

Jan 25, 2016

Street style looks
Alaska fashion blog outfits
Leur Logette Clutch
Winter Outfit Inspiration
Winter Outfits
Cute Mom Style
leather jacket: zara (old, similar options) // turtleneck: nordstrom // hoodie: nike
jeans: nordstrom // shoes: michael kors // clutch: leur logette via shopbop

Something I loved when I worked in merchandising was discovering new brands. Ones that have a unique story to tell. One night I was perusing the Shopbop site and came across this brand Leur Logette, before looking at any prices I was immediately drawn to the use of textures being mixed. Every single piece was mixed to perfection! Tweeds, and lace, and sequins. All daintily put together. Now I am not very much  of a girly girl per say, but I fell in love with all the feminine pieces. I was particularly drawn to this clutch, which is a giant mix of sequins, shimmery tweed, leather fringe, and undone hems. The back is a completely different pattern. It had just enough edge while still be charmingly feminine. Basically had my name written all over it. Not to mention it was on MAJOR sale, which my wallet went, hell yes! 

I am always on the lookout for unique pieces to add to my wardrobe, that I know I will still have years from now. Ones that people may not have heard of, but that tell a story. This is totally one of those pieces that compliments an otherwise androgynous look. 

thank you to shopbop for partnering on this post! 

Pop a bottle, it's beauty time!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BioreFizz #CollectiveBias
Biore Baking Soda Cleanser
Does anything sound more appealing than a glass of wine and trying out new beauty products? Me thinks, no! One of my very favorite times is after a long day, the kids go to bed, Chris most likely falls asleep on the couch, and I have the whole house to myself. Pour a nice glass of wine and reach for the newest beauty product to try out. Talk about unwinding. New beauty products will always intrigue me, will they work with my combination skin? Will I like them? Will the baby wake up? Livin' life on the edge, man. 
Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Products
The newest product, Bioré baking soda cleaning scrubs. Honestly, I was so excited to try these because anything that will wipe away the makeup, and exfoliate at the same time sounds like a good thing to me. Not to mention, with combination skin and the winter chill I am always worried things will have my face going one way or the other. 
Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub
First up, the baking soda cleansing scrub. I love that this comes in a powder. You can be in complete control of how you make this product work for you. Once you add water the real magic happens, the fizz! Depending on how much of a scrub, or exfoliation you need, you control the amount of water used. If you have gentle skin, then adding more water will thin the product out. I kept it pretty mild and just added enough water to make a paste. 
Scrub a dub dub! You can really feel the little grains on your face, and it continues to fizz as you rub it in. Totally made me feel like I was get a deep clean. Afterwards my skin was not dried out or tight, but felt clean. My makeup was removed and I had a nice cool feeling. 
Biore Pore Cleanser
The baking soda pore cleanser is your typical liquid formula, infused with little grains of baking soda. It is very mild, and something that you could easily incorporate into your everyday facial routine. After using the powder, I found that I probably don't need to use that everyday. It is a lot more exfoliating and I would benefit more by using it on the days that I put on a full face. It definitely absorbs my skins extra oils, without leaving me flaky. I have been using the pore cleanser morning and night, and really love it for combination skin. If you have very dry skin I would make sure to follow up with a moisturizer, or if using the baking soda scrub, make it a 2-3 time a week kind of thing. These babies pack a cleaning punch!
Biore Baking Soda Cleanser @Target
So next time you are wondering the beauty aisles of Target, come on you know you are going there at least once this week. Make your way over the the Bioré goodness and do your face a favor! 

Oh, and don't forget the wine!!

What is lurking in your bathroom? Have you tried the Bioré Baking Soda Cleansing products?

crazy knit lady

Jan 20, 2016

SheIn Sweater
SheIn Sweater Outfit
Mom Style Outfits
SheIn Sweater- Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots- Rebecca Minkoff clutch
Cute sweater and over the knee boot outfits
Knotted Hair Inspo
Winter Style Outfits
sweater: shein c/o // leather leggings: american apparel // belt: old (love this one, and this one)
boots: stuart weitzman 5050 // bag: rebecca minkoff // sunglasses: ray-ban

Who is ready for the weekend? That is always the plus side to a long weekend, and walking around constantly thinking it is the wrong day. By the time you get it figured's almost Friday!! In the words of Pierce: boom-shaka-lada!

And looky here, here I am with another knitwear piece! I swear every time I wear a new sweater Chris in his most asshole loving way reminds that we are moving and where we are going may provide very little sweater wearing opportunities. But that is the thing, if given a couple opportunities I want to be wearing this sweater!! I have been wearing it non stop since I got it, and it is soft, and amazing, and there are so many things to wear it with! I am going to be that lady, that when all my children are gone I will be sitting in my closet talking to my sweaters. I am a sweater hoarder. Bought another one just yesterday. Bury me with my sweaters, I'll be fine with it. And let my tombstone read: Here lies Kelsey, on her bed of sweaters! 

Are there some crazy cat ladies out there that can relate to this? I am not a cat person, (sorry did I just lose a handful of readers there?) I never have been. I think cats are nice, but I have a mild allergy to them. We had a few growing up that we would keep around the ranch to keep the mice out of the grain room, but that is about as close as I got to them. Oh! And I rescued a box of kittens from the vets office that were going to be put down. Mom, are you reading? Do you remember that one? My stepdad was pissed! I think that brought our animal count at home to like twenty for a period of time. 

And where the hell is this post going? It's about this sweater! I am trying to convey how much I love this sweater!! 

Crazy sweater lady, over and out!

13 degrees is prime hiking weather, for insane parents only!

Saturday morning we, and by we I mean Chris and I, had the urge to hike. This winter has been shitty. There really is no other way to describe it. Limited amounts of snow. Warming and freezing temps leaving everything covered in too many inches of ice to deem it safe to go anywhere. The avalanche warnings are high, and super high. So really that has left us all inside scratching our heads as to how not to kill each other if we all have to sit in the same room for one more hour. The indoor activities are...boring!!! And I really can't bring myself to spend money on entry fees for my kids' boredom, I can just listen to them complain at home for free and use that money on a coffee to get me to bedtime. 
So really when you take all that into consideration, 13 degrees doesn't sound so bad! We decided to go to one of our favorite scenic spots, Eklunta lake. We used to live right around the corner from this place when we first moved up here. Man, I miss that. Chris used to run to the lake all the time and the kids and I would meet him up there with some coffee before a hike. On Saturday we saw three people out there. Three other people that were suited and booted!
Everything was beautifully frozen. Including all of our faces. We double and for some complaining few, triple layered the gloves. But it was so fun to be in such a huge presence of mountains and ice and have it be completely silent. The kids in their bright winter coats could be seen from anywhere we wondered off to. Caspian on the other hand was a little harder to spot through the snow covered brush. He was having the time of his life! His not so little puppy hops and clumsy running on the ice. 
At times you are having so much fun that you forget the tinkling of your finger tips. You forget until one of your children yells "WHERE ARE MY GLOVES?!!!!" the hunt for the gloves ensues. We retrace their one million small steps back to the stick pile they started, to find a bundle of gloves stuck to an ice covered rock. The complaining stops until someone takes a mound of snow to the face, compliments of their older brother. 
The baby of course gets the royal treatment in her chariot. Warm blankets and nonstop movement at her every whimper. Oh, not to mention the petting zoo like snacking from mom until she fell asleep. By the end of the two and a half hour bone chilling hike, we got everyone back in the car with the promise of hot chocolate and cookies. Well, for the kids. Chris and I were dreaming of that next cup of coffee. 

Stoller available here!

layer your greys

Jan 18, 2016

 Winter layers with sneakers
Layering Outfits for Winter
Mom Style- Pardon My French
Cute Sneaker Outfits- Puma Sneakers via Bloomingdales
Monochromatic Layers
Cute Outfit Inspo- Pardon My French
Mom Style- Streetstyle
sweater: old navy (old, this one is so cute!) // striped shirt: banana republic 
jeans: blank denim // shoes: puma // sunglasses: quay

I have no idea what day it is! Yesterday I was in complete denial of it being Monday, even though Chris and Ace were home, I was like NO it's Sunday. The weekend just went by so fast!! Granted we kept it pretty jam packed with as much time spent outside as possible. Which really was kind of odd since when the temps are in the low teens we aren't really rushing to get out the door. But our weekends together in Alaska are numbered. Chris' "travel" schedule leading up to the move is slightly insane. So hitting up some of our favorite spots since living here is high on the priority list. There will be no warm days on the horizon, layers are our only saving grace!

Speaking of layers, this outfit might be one of my favs as far as mom friendly and acceptable errand cuteness goes. Keeping everything within the same grey color palette just building texture with the different layers. And these sneakers? LOVE! I only have one other pair of pumas (kind of a nike girl) but these are super comfy and understated enough to go with just about anything! 

How was your long weekend? 


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